• Chrez

    That intersection is terrifying. I can’t count how many drug deals, dudes pissing, and people passed out on the ground I’ve encountered here.

  • CoHi Resident

    Jesus Christ. My friend and I walked home from a show at U Street Music Hall (we were going to our friend’s place who just moved in between 13th and 14th and Irving). We passed this and saw that a section of the sidewalk was walled off. We saw what looked like a lot of blood on the ground, but it turned into puddles due to the rain.

    I moved in between 13th/14th and Harvard about a year ago. I generally feel comfortable walking around at night as a 6’1 male (I tend to avoid the ‘bad’ patches on 14th and always walk on 13th street), but this is getting ridiculous. Between the shooting at 8pm at 14th and Harvard 2 weeks ago, and now a stabbing at 14th and Columbia at 10pm… I have friends that live on Kenyon and Irving, and it’s getting to the point where I’m nervous as hell even walking to their places at 8pm. I tend to defend the safety of Columbia Heights (just be careful, avoid certain parts of 14th street, etc.), but now…

  • ColHeist

    Third attempt: During my two years living in Columbia Heights at the intersection of 14th and Irving, my life was threatened twice. Once by a man carrying a knife. Due to these instances and the uptick in crime, my partner and I decided to move out of the neighborhood. The particular intersection of 14th and Columbia has always been a bit of a problem and I never felt completely safe walking alone in this area.


    Concur with what others say about this intersection. I tend avoid the nearby businesses due to the nature of this corner. Which bums me out because I enjoy a lot the nearby businesses, just not walking through this gauntlet.

  • Gilla

    I live between 14th and 15th on Columbia and that intersection is a nightmare. There are other factors for sure, but that 7-11 is a magnet for loiterers and a huge part of the problem.

  • Amelia

    My fiance and I walked by there around 9:30pm yesterday, drug deals going on (cash money exchanging hands, from which we inferred…).

  • DC_TaxPayer

    Yep, I lived around this area for a few years and recently moved (still own the condo). I always had concern when crossing this intersection and when walking in front of the park (near Domino’s). The parents and adults in this area appear to have no control of their children.

    Hope the mayor, council, and/or police clean-up the area before I move back or our property value decreases.

  • Thought

    Who is the councilmember for this area?
    Ha! I tease.

    • Bullwinkle

      I believe she was participating in “trivia” night at Nellie’s yesterday evening.

  • ADMOlove

    I used to live at Park and 14th and saw a guy get jumped at this corner at 5:30 pm on a weekday. It was horrifying – I thought they were going to kill him. The police broke it up, luckily.

    Definitely avoid this corner!

  • chris

    On the north side of Columbia Road between 14th and 13th is a low income housing project. I frequently see policy activity on that block. It makes me wonder if clustering people together who are in a difficult situation is the best model for government support and leads to the best outcomes for people.


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