• Zann

    I’ve been. It was actually really really terrible, and I have a very low bar for bad food. Decor was kind of 70s bowling alley in a great way.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I’ve never even heard of it, but that sign is all sorts of great. I’ll bet he knew Chef Boyardee.

  • CS

    I used to take my grandmother there after taking her to doctor’s appointments and Walmart. The food was nothing remarkable, but had that family restaurant feel, and was the only sit down restaurant in that area, I believe (at least that my 90-something grandmother would go to).

  • Wanda

    I used to go there often years ago for really good veal scallopini. I was just telling my sister the a wek or so ago we should go back to see if the food is as good as we remembered it. sorry we will not get that opportunity now.

  • Cherry

    Oh wow! Italian Inn was great back in the day. This eatery is a landmark just like Shakey’s that was located in the same area. I will miss this place..


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