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  • paladeac

    Ah this is great news! Been dying to see Hamilton. Just hope tickets aren’t insane, like they currently are for the show on Broadway.

    • paladeac

      Follow-up: In most cities I’ve lived in, there is a group of travelling Broadway shows that come each year. You can usually get a package deal on tickets to a group of showings. I see this article mentions the “2016-17 season” and “2017-18 season.” Is it this type of thing coming to the Kennedy Center?

      • CHGal

        This already exists at the Kennedy Center.. Book of Mormon was one of the shows that came last year, Kinky Boots is coming next month.

  • Dan

    I might be dead by 2012-2018. LOL I prefer seeing this Broadway musical starring Lin-Manuel Miranda. Without seeing him in this production, I prefer not to see this play.

    • jumpingjack

      He will almost definitely be leaving the Broadway production after July, so hurry up to NY (and be prepared to pay big $$). Don’t rule out his alternate, Javier Muñoz. I saw Hamilton with him in the lead last month and he is stupendously talented. As is the rest of the cast.


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