Awesome Photos of Dock 79 near Nats Park

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2016 at 10:22 pm 20 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending these great photos. At first I thought the picnic tables were for Bardo Riverfront but then I remembered their summer bummer news. Updates when/if they get closer to opening. Maybe they’re for The Salt Line or just a building amenity.

From Dock 79:

“This is the new way to live urban. This is the Docks. Dock 79 is 100% inspired by a rugged, yet refined, nautical spirit.”

39 Potomac Ave, SE


  • Jerry Grundle

    A “rugged, yet refined, nautical spirit”??? Ugh. Kill me now.

    • hupster


    • hupster

      100% inspired, that is

    • OP Anon

      Toddlers are more coherent in their babbling than that sentence.

  • Johnh

    Curious….I noticed this building has balconies in what looks to be every unit facing the water.
    Why are balconies/decks so rare in DC? I was just in Chicago for a wedding and it seemed like the strong majority of newer buildings under 15-20 stories (basically every building in DC) had pretty good size balconies with patio furniture, grills, etc. (not just 1 foot step outs). Meanwhile, go up and down 14th Street and you see none (I’m sure there are some tucked away – but the ones in Chicago would have balconies facing 14th St, for example).
    Is there something in DC law that makes it hard? Developers just don’t want to deal with it?

    • ***

      I hate to use the height restriction as the scape goat here, but I think that plays a role. When you are trying to get as many leasable units as possible, balconies reduce square footage.

      • JohnH

        I get that, but a lot of them in Chicago are overhangs – not “built in” to the building. So they aren’t taking away from square footage.

    • anonymous

      When I see places with balconies on a major street – I cringe to thought of someone having a party and someone accidentally dropping a glass or something down below hitting a passerby. I’ve seen this happen in night clubs/bars that have a mezzanine level over looking a dance floor.

    • Reality

      It seems like all the new development in Navy Yard and Noma have balconies. These are areas where the brand new buildings are building on space previously vacant and probably have more room for creativity.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I think it’s kind of a shame that anything this big and ugly was built on this plot of land. Surely something more creative could’ve been done between the river and the ballpark. Something that didn’t completely destroy the view of, and from, the ballpark.. But I guess we’re still stuck in this mindset that every vacant inch of land needs to be covered with eleven stories of luxury condos.

    • CRT

      ie the private market? Yes, we have that mindset. The Lerners weren’t interested in spending millions of dollars to protect the view while walking on the ramps in the stadium, and the city would prefer new residents to empty land.

    • Leeran

      Have you seen rental prices in DC lately? There’s a huge demand to live in the district because of our job market, and not nearly enough units. People have to live somewhere…

      • Anon

        But he’s losing his precious water views from the Nats park stairways! Not only that, but inbound drivers on the 11th street bridge won’t be able to see the concrete Nats Park monstrosity in its entirety. Won’t somebody think of the children?!?

      • Philippe Lecheval

        But you’re right, I’m so glad that rents in DC have been dropping precipitously due to the rapidly increasing supply of housing.

        • Anon

          The rate of increase has indeed dropped precipitously. Supply/demand isn’t that tough to grasp.

          • Leeran

            Thank you.

    • Reality

      Whaaa? There’s yards park and the river walk… and the bridge they are converting into a park all right there!

  • Bill

    I’m pretty sure those tables WERE supposed to be for Bardo. They were installed before the “bummer” news. Dunno what they’ll be used for now. Nothing soon, probably.

    • anon

      If I had to guess, the connical fermenters in the third photo are probably also Bardo leftovers

  • navyard

    I’m also sad to lose the view from the ballpark, but I hope they’ll have some awesome rugged, yet refined watering holes in the building to take a bit of the sting away.


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