Crane & Turtle becoming becoming CAPPY’S CRABS, “a Chesapeake Bay crab house” this Summer

by Prince Of Petworth May 5, 2016 at 10:25 am 52 Comments

828 Upshur Street, NW courtesy Cappy’s Crabs

Some sorely needed good news this morning. We now know what’s coming to the Crane & Turtle space after ANXO pop up concludes – Crabs!!!

From an email:


A Summer-Only Crab Shack in Petworth

Open Memorial Day to Labor Day at Crane & Turtle

Paul Ruppert and his team at Warehouse Industries are launching a neighborhood crab shack on Upshur Street in Petworth.

CAPPY’S CRABS will open on Friday May 27th at noon to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend, serving blue crabs and pitchers of beer – plus a small menu of sides and specials. Jumbos, Large and Mediums will be available by the dozen. Or buy a half-bushel of steamed crabs for your back-yard party. Spend the summer eating crabs and drinking beer on the patio at Cappy’s Crabs!

Designer Nick Pimentel will transform Crane & Turtle from elegant French/Japanese dining room into a Chesapeake Bay crab house. Picnic tables, hot crabs, happy hour specials, loud music, National Bohemian and Orange Crush!

Chesapeake watermen are expecting the best crab season in years. Enjoy the bounty of the Chesapeake without leaving your neighborhood.

Menu includes:

Crabs, Crabs and More Crabs

Beer – Cheap Beer & Craft Beer

Crab Cakes

Corn on the Cob

Hush Puppies

Deviled Eggs

Soft Shell Crabs

Fried Fish Sandwich
A weekly Oyster Happy Hour

Popcorn Chicken – for the kids

Shrimp – peel and eat

Tomato Salad

Orange Crush

Hours of Operation

Tuesday 5pm – 10pm
Wednesday 5pm – 10pm
Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday 5pm – 11pm
Saturday Noon – 11pm
Sunday Noon – 9pm”

  • dckenny

    YES YES YES thank you!!!! this marylander turned petworth citizen couldn’t be happier. see you very soon cappy’s!

  • Jemma

    I hope it’s more successful than Crane and Turtle. This guy’s restaurants are pretty hit or miss, but the good ones are really good.

    • shmoo

      crane and turtle was successful. they didnt close because they weren’t successful. They closed because their chef moved and it wasn’t worth doing the concept without that team.

      • Yeah, almost by definition this will be less successful since they’re only planning to be open during the summer.

    • neighbor

      Why on earth do people say this? Crane & Turtle got rave reviews and was almost always booked. Maybe you didn’t like it, but it was definitely successful.

      • timmyp

        I walked my dogs by it every day and it was by no means booked every day. I called it going out of business at least a month before they decided to “move”. It was way to expensive and not a kid friendly place and that is Petworth’s bread an butter right now.

        • timmyp

          I also need to proof read this early in the morning. Apologies for all the typos.

    • madmonk28

      Crane and Turtle was too successful, it got rave reviews, including in the NY Times. It didn’t close because it was losing money, it closed because the chef moved away.

    • Brian

      There is a difference between “not successful” and “so successful that the chefs get called away to lead a restaurant in New York.”

  • Near Northeast

    “CAPPY’S CRABS will open on Friday May 27th at noon”

    Yes good finally a spot that’s open for lunch!

    “Hours of Operation
    Tuesday 5pm – 10pm
    Wednesday 5pm – 10pm
    Thursday 5pm – 10pm
    Friday 5pm – 11pm
    Saturday Noon – 11pm
    Sunday Noon – 9pm”

    …or not. Damnit. Slim’s can’t open soon enough.

  • Anonamom

    Ahhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiit! It better be good. I have very high expectations for crab houses.

  • Anon for this

    Gonna hit me some crappy cabs!

    • textdoc

      I immediately thought the same thing. IMO, not a good name.

    • AdMo

      +1. I initially read it as Crappy Crabs.

  • petworthian

    why isn’t this a ramen place?

    • neighbor

      The ramen trend has jumped the shark.

      • anon

        there are like 5 ramen places in a city of 600,000. granted there were probably 0 a few years ago, but i don’t think you can call that jumping the shark.

        • Anonymous

          Ramen was one of my top choices too.

    • Agreed – I would have loved for this to be a ramen joint. Maryland crabs are great – but they’re to be eaten in a backyard, at a picnic table covered in newspaper.

  • abdc

    This sounds amazing! I hope they don’t mark up the prices too much. I imagine this will be $5+ Natty Bo and Bud Lights which will make me cry. I love all the places on Upshur and frequent them often, but seriously, just throw us a bone…please?

    Nonetheless, can’t wait!! I will hit this place every week if it’s not astronomical.

    • tacopuss

      please tell me where in this city you have seen a can of natty boh for $5. I think the absolute most I have ever seen it is $3, and you can still get it for $1 during happy hours.

      • Mike

        Natty Boh is $4 at Pop’s Seabar – I think that came down from $5 when they opened, which admittedly turned me off from trying them initially.

        • neighbor

          4$ is not bad for a beer in this town at a high quality restaurant.

      • Skeeter
        • tacopuss

          That’s a pint (16 oz), not a can (12 oz).

          • neighbor

            Natty boh and PBR both come in 12 and 16 oz cans.`

          • Great, 4 more ounces of terrible beer, totally worth it then!

    • Philippe Lecheval

      That was the problem with Crane & Turtle. It was by no means a good value, and I thought the menu was kind of strange. Like they were trying too hard to make it work.
      I’m looking forward to this place, but blue crabs from the Bay are never cheap.

      • textdoc

        I hope the crabs will indeed be from the Bay — the Washington City Paper did a story a while back about how many area restaurants that claimed to be serving “Maryland crab” were in fact serving crab from (if I remember correctly) the Philippines.
        I can’t remember whether any of those instances were for whole, hammer-required crab, or whether they were all for crab cakes and other dishes with crab meat.

        • Tui

          Yes, I remember that article and recall that they were lI’ve crabs from farms in Louisiana, Vietnam. I want to hear assurance from the owner that these are in fact MD blue crabs, of I will not visit…

  • jcm

    So bummed C&T is gone. This doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  • madmonk28


  • dat


    Now please just have reasonable prices — not rock bottom, just reasonable. WOO HOO.

  • m*

    Hope the crabs aren’t crappy.

    • BBBB

      beat me to it

      • FridayGirl

        I also thought that at first.
        And then I started thinking of the Krusty Krab….

  • ke

    YES! An urban crab shack. What a great idea!

  • IDontHaveCrabs

    Shellfish allergies ;(

  • Prediction: this place will print money.

    • alpinepaq

      Hi Marc!

  • stacksp

    My guess is that a dozen Jumbo or Large size crabs should be about $60 to $65 a dozen for MD Blue Crabs. If it creeps up towards $80 than they might turn some people off.

    • When is the last time you ordered Jumbo crabs for $65/doz at a sit down restaurant? Other than female carryout?

  • MRD

    Crab eating needs space. Does this place have enough?

  • SeventhStreet

    I would love a crab house but the supply of crabs does not look good: http://chesapeakebay.noaa.gov/fish-facts/blue-crab

    • Chln

      Out of date. Numbers are way up :-)

    • Chesapeake Bay’s blue crab population is larger than a year ago. DNR anticipates “a robust crab season.” http://fw.to/csXLckd

  • kbm

    Having grown up in Maine, I don’t really get the crab thing.

    • Anon Spock

      The same way I don’t get lobster as a Marylander.

      • timmyp

        I get them both because they are both good. That’s all you need to know about it.

    • NH Ave Hiker

      I grew up in NH, I get how you feel!

  • nonnyhey

    Not allergic just can’t take the taste of seafood – hopefully for folks like us they let non-kids have the popcorn chicken too =) Sounds like it could be a really great joint I’m excited for it. I suppose if I can’t eat I can just drink!

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