“Could anyone recommend a small scale moving team who could move a small amount just a mile or so across town?”

by Prince Of Petworth May 20, 2016 at 2:15 pm 77 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

We just bought a house in Petworth and are moving from Columbia Heights. We are currently in a 1 br apartment so we don’t have a ton of stuff (for two people) but our last move across town was enough of a nightmare that we aren’t doing it again ourselves. Could anyone recommend a small scale moving team who could move a small amount just a mile or so across town? We have about a month until move date so any and all suggestions would be appreciated.”

  • DCchick

    I did the same move about 2 years ago. I paid 2 guys about $100 on task rabbit and it was done really fast.

  • CPT_Doom

    With the caveat that I moved in 2003 (from Silver Spring to Petworth, about 3 miles total), I highly recommend Great Scott Movers.

    • anon

      Second this. Used them for both small and large moves. They make it easy, truly. And aren’t badly priced. I’ve had nightmare moves moving very short distances, and they were hassle free, which I appreciated in the stress that moving always is.

    • anon

      Used them in 2014 and had a great experience. They grabbed stuff from my parents’ house in the burbs and my condo in Dupont and brought it all to Northeast. Some really heavy stuff and more than a 1br’s amount of furniture. All for under $800 I believe. Completely worth it.

  • JoDa

    You can hire movers by the hour, either renting your own truck (probably the cheapest way to go) or bringing their own. Last time I moved, one person’s stuff, I hired guys for 3 hours to do both ends (out and in), and they were done in 2.5 hours. For 3 hours, 2 guys, including tip it was something like $250. The truck ran me something like $50 for 24 hours. Another ~$100 to the city for emergency no parking on both ends.

  • We used Bookstore Movers when we moved from Columbia Heights to Petworth and thought they were great.

    • jdegg


    • Katy

      +1 – I’ve used Bookstore Movers three times now, they’re great.

    • logan

      +2. Moved a 1BR three blocks over. Done in less than about 3 hours.

    • LMatt_in_NE

      +1 for Bookstore Movers. I’ve used them three times and will continue to use them as long as I live in the district

      • Jobe

        Another +1 for Bookstore. Have used them multiple times, they are fantastic.

      • On Capital Heels

        I recommend Bookstore Movers too. Based on their strong Yelp reviews, I tried to book them for a move from my apartment to new home. They were booked up so far in advance that I was not able to be serviced.

        I went with Mic’s Movers instead but can’t in good conscience recommend it. The two movers they sent me were not professional, and one guy took the legs off my couch and proceeded to push the exposed nail/post(?) across my lovely new wood floors in a home I’d JUST closed on days before. I was literally watching in horror as a line was dug into my floor. Rather than try to argue with him, I immediately called Mic on the phone to report the damage. The mover denied causing the damage at all. I was so upset! Mic eventually came over with a wood filler marker that camouflages the scratch enough that I don’t have a mini panic attack each time I see it. Still, it was a less than ideal situation that could have been avoided if the mover had the good sense not to scrape hints across wood floors in the first instance.

    • Paul

      This is the only answer. I have used them 4 times now. Will never move without them.

    • MR CapSE

      yup – used Bookstore Movers 2x now and would use them again.

    • Emily

      Bookstore Movers is fantastic. After moving with some awful companies I’ve now used Bookstore twice and they are worth the higher price. They do have a three hour minimum. They are totally worth it!

    • DCCoug


    • dupont

      LOVE Bookstore Movers. Fast, efficient and very careful with your stuff. Used them to move from Rosslyn to Dupont.

    • Juno Griffin

      Yes to Bookstore Movers. We moved from a studio in Mt P to a rowhouse in Petworth and although they were shocked at how much stuff we had (think: apartment tetris), they were efficient, professional and the cost was reasonable. That being said, I never plan to move again, but I would use them if I did.

    • Sally

      Samesies. Hired Bookstore on the recommendation of a friend, have used them twice and will use them again for our next move.

    • amber

      And another. Moved with them from 1B in Silver Spring to Petworth and they were awesome!

    • ElyJan


      I’ve used them twice and will definitely be using them again, when I next move.

  • PetworthMom

    AK Movers

  • Andie302

    My Truck Buddy – I’ve used them several times in the last five years and recommended them countless times and never heard a single complain. You can ask for a quote online by putting in an estimated amount of what needs to be moved. They show up on time, are professional, will let you help if you want (to cut down time/cost) and they bill in 15 minute increments. I can’t say enough good things!!! I will never move again in DC without these guys!

    • Andie302


    • Pixie

      +1 for My Truck Buddy. I’ve used them twice for local moves in DC.

    • emvee

      +1 for My Truck Buddy. They moved me and my 1br worth of stuff across town and up a third-floor walk up in 2.5 hrs. It was magical – they were incredibly professional and speedy.

    • M

      We used Truck Buddy moving from our apt in Shaw to house in Columbia Heights and they were awesome and reasonably priced. So great! Highly recommend!

    • Katie

      I’ve got a move booked with them in a few weeks. I moved with them in 2013 and had a flawless experience. They work FAST!

    • tplee

      +1 i’ve also used my truck buddy several times in the last five years, and i recommend them to all my friends that have moved around the metro area. the team (especially david swain) work very closely with customers to ensure a smooth move, and every “buddy” has completed the job faster than the estimated time. the price is very reasonable too — my last move in may 2015 was $450 plus tip for a full 2br/2ba apartment.

    • rfff924

      +1 on this as well. They helped with a straightforward move and then the move where my husband and I combined households so it involved two stops and then putting everything in the new place. Both times they seriously were incredibly fast moving. They even had to take apart my bed when it wouldn’t fit through the door and they put it back together again even though I didn’t have the directions. I also used to rent my boxes from them, but it appears they don’t do that anymore. Look into these services though, I found the boxes are more affordable than buying your own outright and when they are all the same size it makes the move soooo much easier! Good luck.

    • SinSA

      I love My Truck Buddy! They don’t start the clock til your first box is in the truck. And it’s always a lot faster than they say it will be. They’re fun, they’re fast, they’re hilarious, they’re careful with your stuff and probably are formidable Tetris players.

    • SbinDC

      +1 for my truck buddy. Used them twice with fantastic, below estimate results. Moved a 1br from a large building in van ness to small condo building in petworth and IIRC it was about $350 before tip! Granted I was super prepared with everything packed and stacked, but still!

    • One More Vote for Them

      One more vote for My Truck Buddy–we used them to move from a 1BR apartment to a house, plus to get a storage unit full of stuff into the house. The apartment was a 4th-floor walkup–they showed up exactly on time, RAN up and down the stairs, were pleasant and efficient, etc. I think it was about $600 (pretty big storage unit). Would hire them again.

  • Vanessa

    Mitch the Mover – when I moved in August, their rates were: $40 per hour per mover; two hour minimum; $90 service fee. They were the best! 202-544- [email protected]

    • Becca

      second this – they were super efficient, and we had scheduled two different moves (me and my SO were moving in together) to one apartment – Mitch offered to pick up the SO’s stuff ahead of schedule and reduce the cost overall. They also didn’t grumble when the new place’s ‘freight elevator’ was a standard elevator and didn’t fit our couch. They brought it up to the 7th floor without issue or extra charges. I tipped them well, though!

    • SAJ

      I highly recommend Mitch the Mover. They’re not a big outfit and they don’t have a slick website but they were great. I found them off a reddit thread of recommended movers in the area.

      Mitch the Mover (202) 544-4343
      [email protected]
      we paid $40/hour plus a $90 flat travel fee

  • MNM

    I cannot say enough good things about Bookstore Movers. We’ve used them multiple times and each time they were exceptional – professional, quick but careful and fun to work with.

    • MtP

      +10000 to Bookstore Movers. Heads above any other movers I have used in DC (or even elsewhere). I do think they have a 3 or 4 hour minimum, but a 1BR to a house move might meet that. They are slightly more pricey than some others, but truly worth it.

    • Lance Uppercut

      +1 On Bookstore movers. Used them last year. The process was stress free and their communication was awesome with very competitive pricing. I will definitely be using them next time around.

  • MFinSW

    I just moved last month and used Bookstore Movers – would highly highly recommend them. It was just me, moving from a shared 2-bedroom into a one-bedroom about 3 miles across town, and they were super efficient, fast and professional. Seriously, can’t recommend them enough. (Only caveat is that they are probably more expensive per hour than some moving companies, but they did it in the three hour minimum, even with the one reservable elevator in my old building broken and having to schlep everything up 3 flights of stairs in my new place.)

    • Anon

      +1 to the two Bookstore comments above. We hired them to move us within the same building when our apartment flooded – a small team of three made short work of it. Great guys.

    • anon

      bookstore is prob already booked up a month in advance…

      • MFinSW

        I booked about three weeks out, although I did end up moving on a weekday afternoon (but it was also right at the end of the month) – they seemed to still have at least some other availability, if you were flexible with timing.

  • victoria

    Have your friends come move all the light awkward stuff that takes up time – plants, lamps, clothes – feed them pizza and beer. Then hire a company for 2 hours of the heavy stuff.

    • anon

      I used to move everything this way in college and in my twenties. After a certain age, though, friends aren’t available for this anymore. At least in my circles.

      • Cleveland Park runner

        +1. Once you have a 401(k), you need to move yourself and/or pay professionals to do it.

        • victoria

          As I said – have friends come do the LIGHT stuff – plants, lamps, etc. It’s probably an hour of time (fun with friends) that can save you $120.00. Definitely pay movers for the books and sofa.

          • Transplant

            Yeah, no. We understand. At a certain point, no one wants to do that for you. Not even your best friend.

            Do it yourself or hire people for everything froms plants to pianos.

  • also anon

    I’ve used Beltway movers twice. Once for a 1 mile 1 bedroom move and the second time for a 2-3 mile 2 bedroom move. Very reasonable prices and accurate quotes.

    • pants

      +1 me too, they have moved me around Cap Hill about 4 times.

  • Linc Park SE

    The Furies – DC’s female rugby team – very reasonable and very efficient. Check their website for info.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Great Scott Movers is probably the best moving company I have ever used.

  • Elvis’s Mom

    I have used ALS Movers twice for short moves, and they’ve been incredible. The guys are really nice, efficient and the price is reasonable. I highly recommend them.

    • Anon

      +100 for ALS. I’ve used them twice now and they have been great. Punctual, friendly, generous with the discounts and extremely careful with my things.

  • anon

    get a uhaul and add on any of the movers that are offered when you book it. They can be like 45/hour per mover. You prob only need 2 guys for a few hours. Its very easy and economical.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I did a similar move and rented a U-haul and then hired labor from D.C. Top Choice Movers (you can order the service as part of your U-Haul order; there are many other options as well). They were fast to pack and unload, and I just drove the truck from one place to the other.

  • HaileUnlikely

    If you want full-service, I have been very happy with both Bookstore Movers and Two Marines Moving. There are probably cheaper options if you are willing to rent and drive the truck, but if you just want to sit back and let the movers handle everything, I recommend both of the above haile and equally.

  • JMR

    We used Two Guys and a Truck twice. The first time was less than a mile between apartments in Bethesda. The second time was from Bethesda to Bloomingdale. They are very efficient!

  • General Grant Circle

    Ill do it for 15 bucks cheaper than the next guy

  • J

    I’ve used Knoble moving twice and highly recommend. They’re cheaper than some of the other big companies too, I think I paid $325ish for 3 movers – 1BR from Arlington to Adams Morgan in 3 hours.

  • Anon

    Mitch the Mover!

  • ke

    We used Town and Country twice, the last time for the same type of move as you are doing. They were great.

  • Shaw

    Although not exactly on point, I rented boxes from Wegobox for my last move.

    These boxes made my move a breeze – they deliver the boxes and pick them up when you’re done.

    • jumpingjack

      I came here to also recommend renting plastic boxes. It made the move about 1000x easier.

      • jumpingjack

        I also got a folding rolling cart (Magna Cart Flatform), which was a lifesaver for the items I was moving myself. It folds up flat in the closet. I still use it all the time. Probably the best $70 I’ve ever spent.

    • J

      Yes – I used Lendabox and will never move without them again.

    • Anon

      Co-signed, the plastic crate rentals are great. They were gigantic, secure and very good at preventing breakage. And as a bonus, I was very motivated to unpack quickly. I used Bungobox and was a big fan.

  • KBT

    AK Movers are great! And come with awesome Russian (or Baltic) accents.

  • Leigh

    Try Mic’s Movers! We just moved from Admo to Petworth too (from 1 bedroom to a house!) and they were great. They bring blankets to wrap up the big couches and dressers and took apart/put back together our platform bed. Everything was easy and smooth and the owner is really responsive.


    Check it out and welcome to the neighborhood!

  • Used Two Marines and a Truck twice; once was to move the major contents of a one-bedroom condo across the alley. They had the best price and they worked hard (IIRC, their price to move across the alley two years ago was lower than Bookstore Movers).

    • HaileUnlikely

      Last time my wife and I used Two Marines, their estimate was a little higher than Bookstore, but they actually ended up charging considerably less than the estimate, because the job took less time than they estimated, because the guys worked their asses off. After they placed the last box where it belonged, they ran back to the truck, tagged the truck, stopped a stopwatch emphatically, and recorded the time! They could have easily worked at a still-reasonable but lower-intensity pace and charged us the full amount of the estimate, but that’s not how they roll.

  • risible66

    Used Bookstore Movers four times. From apartment to apartment to apartment and then apartment to house and then house to house. Every single crew was quick and careful and a pleasure to work with. Now I’m staying put.

  • Josh Saltzman

    Swift and Gentle Moving. Silly name, but excellent movers

  • DCitizen

    I’m a bit of an outlier because I was really unimpressed with Great Scott. Starting with their showing up “at my entrance” (instead of coming to my apartment)…at a large building with several entrances, I wasted (costly) time just trying to find them. They took excessive time, in weekday non-rush traffic, to travel between NW DC and Arlington; I suspected a stop for fast food along the way (though I had provided doughnuts). They were charging by the quarter-hour and I basically think they were pumping up the bill.

    I had a much better experience with Ron’s Moving of Fairfax.

  • KPS

    I used Two Marines Moving. Fantastic outfit.

  • anonymous

    A little late, but I’ve used Safeway Van Lines twice and have been very happy with them (once from Alexandria to SW Waterfront with my roommate, then Waterfront to Dupont by myself). Their rates were much more reasonable than other quotes I got, and both times they showed up on time, were quick, careful with my things, and overall very pleasant. The place in SW also had a lot of tight stairways, which they navigated well with large, heavy furniture. I’m also unsure how they managed to get all my pieces up in my building’s tiny elevator, but they did. I didn’t get emergency parking signs in my most recent move (had been told it was ok to stop in the “No Parking – Entrance” area in front), and when Parking Enforcement tried to give me a ticket they were great about emptying the truck and driving away to park elsewhere in the 5-10 minutes while I negotiated with her.
    Both times it was a team of 3: one person who speaks English and two others who don’t (last time they were Mongolian…which I discovered after they prompted their manager to ask about my Slavic last name). When I’ve looked online their reviews are subpar, but I’ve had nothing but good experiences.

  • JC

    I used Bookstore Movers for a very similar move 3 years ago, for a move from a 1br apartment near Dupont to a larger place a mile away in Adams Morgan. I believe it cost about $500 (and was moving into a 2nd floor walkup, which might have increased the unloading time and thus the cost).


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