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  • Philippe Lecheval

    The other guy looks EXACTLY like Adrian Fenty’s dad.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely not Chuck Close (a white artist with zero connection to the District)
    Is that Jim Vance?

  • The Other Jason

    This was a really nice mural. But, something else very cool is coming soon.

    • Anon

      Is that why they kept the eyes?

  • Anonamom

    Looks like Henry Louis Gates, Jr to me. Which would be pretty cool in a nerdy sort of way.

  • K harris

    Dear Milk Cult:
    I was excited about your ice cream shop until I saw the white washing of the mural. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT! If anything it could have easily been touched up.
    Erasing this beautiful mural was such a blow for this neighborhood and community. We talk about it constantly. You erased a piece of DC history. More importantly, it was a symbol of hope, especially for the homeless population that frequents that alley to get food from SOME to see a reflection of themselves in a positive light everyday. Marvin Gaye was a huge symbol of peace during the Vietnam war. An iconic voice of love around the world from Washington DC. The faces of the community would light up, people would stop and stare, take pictures, and just be in awe anytime they passed the life sized iconic mural of Marvin Gaye.
    I hope you find a way to better engage this community and the homeless population since you are right next to SOME. Right now, you have just told many people, you are no longer welcomed here.
    When you come into a new neighborhood, its important to take some time to get to know us and whats important to us before you erase a piece of US. The generic doodle you are putting up… WELP…. NO COMMENT.


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