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16,500 potholes were filled during this year’s Potholepalooza

by Prince Of Petworth May 26, 2016 at 10:05 pm 32 Comments


From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) filled more than 16,500 potholes during the 8th Annual Potholepalooza campaign, which ended May 13, 2016. Launched April 1 by Mayor Muriel Bowser, Potholepalooza expedited roadway repairs reported by District residents and commuters from the normal 72 hours to 48 hours.

During the six-week campaign, DDOT received more than 2,000 service requests for pothole repairs. Crews successfully repaired more than 85 percent of the reported potholes within the 48-hour time frame. In the current fiscal year, DDOT has filled more than 52,000 potholes citywide.

Residents and commuters are encouraged to continue reporting potholes by contacting the Mayor’s Call Center at 311 in any of the following ways—calling 311, visiting online at 311.dc.gov, or by using the DC311 smartphone application.”

  • mdtodc

    That one on 13th street though… by clifton?

  • no way

    Totally fake. DC has about 1,500 miles of roads, meaning they’re claiming to have filled 10 potholes per mile or one per block. Sounds like they’re doing some ‘creative accounting’ – maybe the same whiz that came up with the plan to pay for buildings to house the homeless on private property then lease them at above-market rates for 20 years and return them to developers who happened to contribute to bowser.

    • dc_anon

      fwiw, blocks aren’t a mile long, .25 at most unless you’re out in the burbs. DC probably counts each pothole in a cluster, ie a really bad intersection may count for 10-15 if they are small. Not a perfect metric, but nothing to get your panties all riled up for.

      • B

        “10 potholes per mile or one per block” – meaning the previous poster was estimating each block at one tenth of a mile.

  • d

    Meh, not impressed. Gravel everywhere thanks to the half-assed approach towards filling these potholes and many roads are still very third-world (e.g., most of Columbia west of 14th).

    • sadie

      Me neither. I use South Dakota to get to work every day and there are now places where the potholes are WORSE now that the gravel has migrated out to the road surface seemingly taking more of the underlying strata with it.

      • Huma

        The “refilled ones” on Rhode Island Ave NW (between 9th and the circle) are a work of art.

      • d

        For those of us on bikes, motorcycles, or scooters the gravel is especially dangerous.

        • anon


  • jumpingjack

    Were they actually closed or were the 311 reports just closed? I’d guess more of the latter.

    • jumpingjack

      Were they actually filled, I mean.
      I should not be commenting pre-coffee.

  • b

    ….and strangely enough, many of those potholes have already returned.

    • Trip Throckmorton


  • JMR

    A filled pothole is not necessarily a fixed pothole. Mass Ave from DuPont Circle to the Observatory is terrible. So many DC roads need to be totally resurfaced, not patched up temporarily. Not impressed.

    • west_egg

      Agreed. Approximately since Gray took over the roads in this city have gone to h-e-double-L.

  • Guillermo Brown

    The National Park Service (National Park Service?) needs to get their act together and do some serious milling and re-paving in Rock Creek Park. Piney Branch Parkway is insanely bad and has been that way for years

    • sadie

      How exactly can one complain to the NPS about those roads. I am so sick of trying to swerve around the worst of those potholes, esp on Piny Branch, when I am on the road alone and driving 10 miles under speed limit and pissing off those behind me when there is any traffic. I am going to need new shocks?/struts? on my car soon basically because of park owned roads..

    • West Side Anom

      Agreed!!! Piney Branch Pkwy is AWFUL and DC is not responsible. The city needs to come budget funds to maintain streets not just fill potholes.

  • textdoc

    I have to say… the times that I’ve made 311 request about potholes, the service has been surprisingly quick. I once made a 311 request for a pothole around 4 p.m. and was astonished to see the truck fixing the pothole around 8 a.m. the very next day.

    • psoccer55

      Agreed, the ones I have called in or reported via the App have been fixed relatively quickly, but only if there is a clear cross street/address. Some of the ones between buildings or on highways take 10+ reports.

  • wolfpackwx

    Portions of Western Ave from RCP to Mass ave (specifically between River Rd and Mass Ave circle) are similar to off road driving – even with “repairs”.

  • TJ

    In our neighborhood the potholes were addressed by a machine labeled Pothole Killer that wasn’t terribly effective, required return trips and made a mess, including splattering black tar on nearby vehicles. Total bunk.

  • louc

    Now if the city could crack down on the workers laying cable, or whatever it is they’re laying down. They strip a segment of the road up, install it, and then do one of the worst jobs resurfacing. Unfortunately, it affects bicycle lanes more than anything else. F Street NE westbound is a teeth-rattling ride because of the incompetent paving.

    • ClevelandDave

      +100 What are they laying down anyway – tearing up all the streets for what seems like nothing. Makawork.

  • Anon. No. 5

    So is the massive gully on 6th St NW b/w P and RI Ave one pothole or several?

    Also, the potholes can be filled so poorly they open up again in a month. I think they like to count missing their own shots as rebounds to pad the stats, or the road repair contractor just sucks.

  • San

    This is great and all, but a comprehensive road maintenance program would be much better (and cheaper) in the long run. Many of these roads need to be completely resurfaced.

  • jaanku

    Filled and fixed are two very different things. I’ve reported dozens of potholes and they fill them quickly but essentially they just turn the hole into a mound. They’re just rushing to get these done to report the numbers but do a terrible job with the work. And if you call DDOT do they care? Nope, not in the least.

  • Captain Obvious

    My vote is for most neglected is the short stretch of Park Road between the Piney Branch bridge and Klingle Rd. There are more literal craters, heaved patches, and cracks than any other stretch of road I’ve seen in DC. And to avoid them you either have to swerve into the opposing lane or the bike lane, neither of which is a good choice. It has been like this for at least 2 years.

    Unfortunately I’m not sure if this stretch is owned by the city or the Park Service.

  • Joe

    Agree that an approach the patch approach doesn’t make it. 11th St below U has streetcar tracks below the surface that lead to multiple potholes. Paving over it just doesn’t work


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