Your Afternoon Animal Fix

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2016 at 3:20 pm 4 Comments

If you have any animal/pet photos you’d like to share please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and your neighborhood. Your photos will go into the queue (usually 2 weeks wait) and will be posted in the order I receive them. If you’ve already entered your pet and would like to do so again – that’s no problem – just space the entries out a bit. Please try to send horizontal photos 640×480 (medium size on your iphone) if possible. If you’re not using an iphone any size is fine.


“Condoleezza in Chinatown!”


“This is Hershey. She’s moving back to Canada in a few weeks. She’s been best buds with my dog Buddy. We’ve spent a couple months over the last 2-ish years hanging out, and I’m really going to miss her when she moves away.”


“Abu-Felicia of Carver Langston prefers the unmade bed.”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Condoleezza is beautiful.
    Hershey is cute.
    Abu-Felicia looks quite content.

  • DCitizen

    Looks like Condoleezza is thinking about tonight’s dessert!

  • Buddy’s Butler

    Thanks for posting my photo of my sweet Hershey girl, Dan!
    I’m (well, was) her dog sitter for when they travel, and her owners sprung the “we’re moving back to Canada in a few weeks” on me when they PICKED HER UP from the stay I took this picture during (I stepped into the tub to close the window and she just jumped in and gave me this “okay boss, what are we doing here, boss?” look :) ), and I was slightly distraught. Fortunately, they took me up on my offer of a free night of dog sitting so they could pack and I (and many, many neighbors who have come to know and love this sweet girl) could give her a proper goodbye. We had a good night of playdates and fetch and belly rubs, and I somehow managed not to actually cry when she walked away for the last time (though…honestly, kinda tearing up now, typing about it, and Buddy was, as usual, sad to see her leave).
    I’m either the best or worst dog sitter in the world, getting so attached to other people’s dogs…

  • bruno

    Top cat’s fixing to make blueberry pie. So cute.


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