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Buckle Up Park View – You’re Getting a Beer Garden!!

by Prince Of Petworth January 19, 2016 at 10:40 am 39 Comments


Books and Beer – doesn’t get much better than that!! Check it out – from The Midlands:

“Trent Allen, Robin Webb and Peyton Sherwood from the Kangaroo Boxing Club have partnered together again for a new project opening this spring. “The Midlands” will be a restaurant with a large outdoor beer garden in the Park View neighborhood at 3333 Georgia Ave NW. Patrons will have draft selections of greater than 15 and less than 30 taps, wine of the fermented grape variety, featuring red, white and pink. The menu will feature hand-crafted, gourmet, chef-driven, small-batch sandwiches from the future, that are totally not pretentious.”

3333 Georgia Ave, NW

  • Jeff

    I think I speak for all park view residents when I say, where will I buy my angel dust now?

  • John

    I’m ok with this. This is an ok thing.

  • Anon

    N-O to all of this. Can’t a man deal drugs out in the open with a little peace and quiet? I’m reaching out to my homegirl Nadeau to get to the bottom of this.

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    Really happy we didn’t sell our house, but starting to get jealous of all this new stuff coming to Park View! I’ll have to hit this place up next time we’re at the house. So it’s going to be inside that strip mall?

  • booksnboozelover

    Books and booze?! I heart Petworth/Parkview. Can’t wait for this.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      The two do not mix. I hate drunk reading, because I have to go back the next day and re-read it.

      • skj84

        Lol. It’s like you have to find the perfect buzz. I get drowsy and start falling asleep if I’m trying to read at certain levels of drunk.

  • LD

    The best thing that could happen to this space is that it is torn down, an exorcism performed, and something (anything!!) replaces it. The second best thing is a beer garden! I’ll take it! What great news!!!

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      Can’t speak for the exorcism, but the plan is for it to be torn down and replaced…eventually.

  • Anon

    Am I the only person that feel this is in the middle of nowhere? It’s like No Man’s Land. It’s also not the safest area. Wish them luck, but not crazy about the location.

    • I wouldn’t really call it No Man’s Land. Less than a half mile from the metro and 2 blocks from 11th St where KBC is already running a fairly popular bar.

      • Anon

        Fair enough. I guess I just don’t venture to that area very much. Seems VERY different than 11th St. Is it safe — especially late at night?

        • ParkView-ing

          it isn’t. Please. stay wherever you are and don’t come here.

        • rob

          you need to get out and feel out your neighborhood a little better.

          • Rg

            That corner is safe if you think open air drug markets are safe. More businesses will make it safer but you are crazy if you think it is safe right now. I live maybe 100 yards from there now btw.

        • Dan

          Nothing is “safe.” Especially at night. Uber and the buddy system are your friend.

          Now, “will you be robbed?” Probably not.

        • anon

          as someone without blinders on about my own neighborhood, it’s definitely different. 11th is a much quieter two lane road with bike lanes and a mix of restaurants and rowhouses. Georgia is more of a thoroughfare for people who live in way upper NW and MD and with a larger variety of businesses, e.g., gas stations, and more surface lots and derelict properties. all that being said, Georgia is as safe as anywhere in the city and is rapidly improving. it has a ton of potential, so it’s too bad the h street streetcar debacle killed the impetus for running a (properly designed) streetcar up to walter reed and silver spring.

        • The OP Anon

          I love GA Ave and think it will probably see the biggest changes out of any ‘hood in DC over the next 10-15 years, but it’s still sketchy AF. Especially compared to 11th Street.
          If my girlfriend refuses to walk there alone, it’s too sketchy for her to live there.

      • Dan

        If current rents and recent eal estate sales are any indication, this neighborhood is FAR from the middle of nowhere.

        –Park View Resident

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      It’s a short walk from Petworth metro. Also nearby you have Fish in the Hood, DC Reynolds, Walters, Looking Glass, Colony Club, EatsPlace, and soon Alfies. Your loss if you don’t venture to the area because there are a lot of great places.

      • anon

        and smallfry now too.

        • can_i_park_here

          And Bravo bar a bit further south.

      • Formerly ParkViewRes

        Ahhhh I forgot two of my favorite places. I also forgot Heat Da Spot. If you ever need beer/liquor/wine Lions is also awesome. Point being Park View is hardly the middle of nowhere and a great, little neighborhood!

    • petworther

      There’s nothing there currently because Zuckerman owns nearly and entire block of abandoned buildings and DC can’t seem to move anywhere on the Park Morton. This is just to avoid the blighted tax rate while Zuckerman waits out the other landowner on the block selling out and DC to get moving on Park Morton.

      • Ian

        When they build eventually, they will also be doing that to avoid the blighted tax rate.

      • Jeff

        What are the eventual plans for Park Morton?

        • Anonymous

          It’s in the process of being redeveloped into mixed income townhomes, several of which units have been or will be moved off-site. The developer has already been selected.

    • If you were to ask me I would say it’s somewhere in the Midlands ;-p

    • Anonymous

      I’ve lived in this area for about ten years. The other night I took a walk down Georgia from the metro headed to the Woodlands vegan place near Columbia Rd. I was quite surprised at the number of new(ish) food and/or drink places that have sprung up along this route. I also noticed that a ton of buildings have been slapped with the Vacant Property notice, which indicates that even if no development is imminent, the city will be collecting higher taxes from these places.
      Having said that the parking lot of a mini strip mall seems like an odd property for a beer garden. But we’ll see how it turns out.

  • Anon H St

    Great! I love KBC and I’m sure these guys will do a great job with the beer garden, too. I will check it out…assuming I survive the rest of January

    • Anonymous


  • pru

    This gen Y mom would like to know what the heck a beer garden is, versus “outdoor seating” or “al fresco dining”, etc. Are kids allowed?

    • pru

      Wait, no, I’m Gen X. Thanks much.

      • Absolutely! We will have coffee, sodas and free wifi! We would like to encourage anyone who wants to sit outside and study to come hang out. We don’t have hours of operation set yet, but we are hoping to open around 11am every day.

        • Anonymous

          Awesome! Welcome to the neighborhood!!!

  • Pv3

    So incredibly excited about this! I’ve had a mental plan to open a beer garden in one of the empty parking lots on this block, looks like they beat me to it!

  • Anon Park View

    So very excited about this, and I an certain I will visit it often. However, I must say, I am concerned that this may draw from the clientele from the other great bars in the area. Hopefully Alfie’s will be a draw of new folks to the area and will make this concern moot.

  • aPhamDC

    This is a good look for the up and coming Park View neighborhood but as a police officer who patrols that area frequently, this is not a good idea, not right now. With all the regular drunks and heroin users at Georgia and Lamont street and the dope boys at 600 Morton, there is bound to be some problems. Just a heads up.

  • Large Batch Sandwich eater

    What the fuck is a small batch sandwich


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