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  • That Man A

    Decent location but cute is a stretch no?

    • anon

      I’m guessing cute = small

  • Swdc

    Cute = cheapest Home Depot fixtures and illegally built kitchen.

  • Lex

    I lived there for two years. The kitchen is teensy with no prep space. You will hear EVERYTHING the people above you do. Four guys used to live above me. There were a lot of parties. The owner/landlord, Narda, is a very nice and fair woman. The price hang gone up a whole lot. I paid $1100 then $1150 three years ago.

  • ***

    I always fail to understand why dishwashers are placed in tiny kitchens. Cabinet space is clearly at a very high premium here – there appears to be only 1 drawer (not counting the rickety cabinet/hutch outside of the kitchen). Based on the photos, this doesn’t look like the most efficient use of space and obviously could use a refresh top-to-bottom. However, basement or not, probably hard pressed to find anything in that price range in the area.

    • Sorry for the snark, but it’s true

      America: where a guy can’t be bothered to wash his dinner-for-one dishes. And where a landlord assumes his fellow-American will be so lazy, and puts in a dishwasher.

      It’s mostly true.

      • JoDa

        True. When I lived in a basement with no built-in dishwasher (but a much larger kitchen with good cabinet and shelf space), I bought a portable off Craigslist (kitchen had enough “dead space” that I could tuck it away when not in use). Here, it looks like there’s some space for free-standing or wall shelves/cabinets for extra storage, if needed. Still, I have to agree that $1300 is pretty reasonable, and the location is very good.

        • JoDa

          Though, I cook a lot and usually eat my breakfast at home and pack my lunch, so I have a lot more dishes than many single people. Even handwashing the non-Pyrex/Corningware baking dishes (those go in the dishwasher, but baking sheets, pots, and pans get handwashed), I run mine twice a week to handle breakfast/dinner dishes and lunch tupperware.


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