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Street Sense needs help acquiring new cameras, Donate One if you can!

by Prince Of Petworth April 7, 2016 at 3:45 pm 10 Comments

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From Street Sense:

Do you have an extra camera laying around? Donate it to homeless photographers at Street Sense!

The Street Sense photography workshop is in dire need of high quality digital cameras that meet the following specifications:

  • Takes an SD card
  • Is less than four years old
  • At least 10 megapixels

To make a donation or get more information about the Street Sense photography, email [email protected]

  • ParkViewneighbor

    That’s a bit of an ask

  • BlueStreak

    That seems like an awfully high bar. I have a great camera (Nikon DSLR) that’s 5 or 6 years old that is getting no use. Methinks you’re being a bit too picky.

    • lucie

      Look, I love street sense, but my camera is 7 years old and I still use it with no problems. How many people have 2-year-old 10mpx cameras just lying around? Set the bar a little lower, dude.

    • jcm

      You should contact them and see if they want it. I imagine they set the standards high, because they’d rather have a few good cameras than a bunch of garbage. if you have a five year old D3100 or D7000 I’ll bet they’d be happy to have it. Take a few hundred dollar write-off on your taxes and help a great organization.

  • Anonymouse

    I guess they are looking for mostly compact/P&S cameras since most DSLR cameras that fit those specs would probably be too valuable for most folks to donate. Street sense would also have to acquire the lenses.

  • anon7

    A lot of people are not in a position to donate, but if you see vendors out you should definitely buy a copy. This is a fantastic publication with great content. And it also really does help people.

    • MtP


  • d

    Yeah, the bar is stupidly high. I’ve taken some incredible photos with an 8 mp camera. The age thing is silly too.

  • anonymous

    I agree with Anonymouse. I don’t see a specific request for DSLR, and lots of point & shoot cameras will fit the specs.
    I’m also ashamed that my fellow commenters, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, are complaining about how much a charity is asking for. If the point is to provide individuals with job-transferable skills then prosumer technology experience is important. I for one don’t have a DSLR camera that fits the bill, but if I did, and I was about to file taxes (as many are), I might consider the deductible nature of the donation.

    • BlueStreak

      I’m not complaining about what they are asking for. I’m saying the nature of their request seems to exclude many valuable and useful cameras. The bar is so high they are likely to get very few donations. I’m just suggesting that they expand criteria so that they can get more cameras in the hands of these people.
      If someone has a camera that is 2-3 years old, they are probably still using it.


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