“The purpose of this study is to identify opportunities for safer travel for residents and visitors to the neighborhoods of Petworth, Crestwood, Brightwood Park, and 16th Street Heights”

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2016 at 3:00 pm 29 Comments


From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will host a public meeting in Ward 4 to kick off the Rock Creek East II Livability Study on Thursday, April 28, 2016 from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Petworth Neighborhood Library (4200 Kansas Avenue, NW).

At this meeting, DDOT will introduce the project and provide opportunities to give your ideas for improving your neighborhood through interactive activities.

The purpose of this study is to identify opportunities for safer travel for residents and visitors to the neighborhoods of Petworth, Crestwood, Brightwood Park, and 16th Street Heights. The goals of the study are to enhance the community quality of life through improvements to transportation safety, connections to destinations, green infrastructure, and sustainability.

DDOT will work with members of the community to Identify specific opportunities to improve accommodations for people walking, biking, riding the bus, driving, and making deliveries. At the end of the study, DDOT will provide recommendations such as:

  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings
  • More accessible bus stops
  • Intersection safety
  • Increased green spaces
  • Attractive streetscapes
  • Signage for better driver information
  • Updates to traffic signal times, or
  • Speed controls in sensitive area

The study area boundaries are: Military Road and Missouri Avenue to the north; North Capitol Street and Hawaii Avenue to the east; Allison Street, Rock Creek Church Road, New Hampshire Avenue, Spring Road, 16th Street, and Piney Branch Parkway to the south; and Rock Creek Park to the west. ”

Ed. Note: I love that they included Amharic in the posting on Georgia Ave:



  • DC rez

    We need the Uptown circulator! With easier connection from upper Petworth down and over to Adams Morgan, Woodley, and Cleveland park. Having to transfer buses to get from grant circle area to Cleveland park is totally lame.

    • +1. I would be so on board with that.
      Another thing I’d like: A sidewalk on the south edge of Arkansas Ave, near Piney Branch. I’m sick of crossing Arkansas at the crosswalk and then having to slog through mud to walk up to Taylor St.

    • Spjulep

      Yes! If it ran up to Kennedy Street or at a minimum Upshur, that would be great for connecting the area.

      Also a bike track that runs north/south, maybe on 13th street. For commuting to work (Brightwood to downtown) I feel unsafe biking on Georgia or 14th Street, and the side street alternatives are awkward and take more time.

      Also +1 a sidewalk on Arkansas and Piney Branch.

      • Kristina Hopkins

        Yes! A bike lane from Brightwood to downtown is necessary. Great suggestion.

  • Jeff

    How about cops actually patrol the streets and ticket drivers not yielding to cross walk signs.

    On the flip side, they also need to ticket all the crazy j-walkers in Petworth and around the city.

    • anon

      uhhh no, responsibility is on the people driving 50 mph, not those crossing the street

  • soozles

    On this map, why is Upshur called Vernum St. on the west side of Arkansas?

  • SaraEP

    Are there any buses to the Farragut Square area in this area with the exception of the S buses on 16th Street? When I was looking places to live a little while ago I considered living in Petworth and Brightwood but I recall thinking it would have been a pain to get to work (for example living at Gallatin St.. near Kansas Ave.).

    • SaraEP

      Direct buses, that is.

      • I live in upper Petworth and work in the same area, and I am not aware of any buses besides the S line to get you to the area. I ride the S buses home, but normally do an awful bus/Metro combination on the way into work because it is a pain in the rear to get over to 16th in the morning.

      • Anonymous

        No. The 63 will take you down to 13th and K, but only during peak hours, and you’ve still got a bit of a hike to Farragut from there. Also the 16th street buses aren’t close to the part of Petworth you describe so they wouldn’t be much use. My commute is basically what you describe and I don’t consider it a pain, but it isn’t a straight shot either.

    • Fogwalkerwithabag

      No buses, but Bridj travels between those two areas for weekday rush hours.

  • anon

    My wish list:

    (1) Circulator bus to Kennedy Street
    (2) Limited Stop express bus on 14th St
    (3) Protected bike lane on 13th St

    Or, you could do the obvious thing and build a freaking metro line on Georgia Avenue. It’s just screaming for one right now. (I know that’s WMATA and not DDOT, but still:))

    • petworthian

      “build a freaking metro line on Georgia Avenue”
      the streetcar plan had a line going up Georgia to either walter reed or silver spring. this would be huge for extending predictable transit into a huge area relatively underserved by transit. unfortunately the h street debacle probably ruined it. but really wouldn’t be that hard to do with a dedicated lane and would do wonders for the connectivity of this area of the city.

      • anon

        I would also accept a dedicated bus line on Georgia with even more frequent 79 service.

    • Anonymous

      I think there is zero percent chance that any additional metro lines will be built within the District. Even if the political will existed, the money sure doesn’t – and I can’t imagine that changing any time soon.

      • logandude

        Heck, even an Uptown Circulator isn’t in the cards right now – first DDOT will need to find both the money and the (non-NIMBY-opposed) real estate for a bus barn so that it can take care of both its existing fleet and any new buses that would be required for expanded Circulator service.
        I suspect DDOT is thinking of much smaller tweaks with this study.

      • Anon

        I don’t get it — at some point, there was enough money and political will to build an entire freaking metro rail system. Why can’t they make additions? I’m not suggesting it’s easy or cheap, but c’mon.

        • sbc

          During the time when Metro was conceived to when it first opened (1969-76), federal tax rates in the US went from 14% to 70%, and now they go from 10% to 39.6%. Metro was constructed with 2/3 federal and 1/3 local dollars.

          If Congress had similar tax and spending priorities now, we could absolutely have a better metro system. But I don’t think you’re going to convince Paul Ryan to go for this.

  • mfldc

    Echoing some of these comments and reiterating what I have said for years . . . What there needs to be is more east/west public transportation, in particular linking the Petworth Green line station to the Van Ness Red line station. At this time, there is only public transport on Porter Street — which is significantly south of the Petworth/16 St. Heights/Crestwood neighborhoods, or there is Military Road, which is significantly north of the neighborhoods. Therefore, anyone living in this area has no public transportation choice for east/west transit. If there were a public transportation, it would allow people to forego getting in their cars and would allow Red to Green line cross city commuting. Clearly, to accomplish this, Blagden Road, Beach Drive and Tilden (or Brandywine) would have to be made wider. (Maybe cheaper to do a gondola system as is being explored to get from Rosslyn to Georgetown!). But, still, if the idea is to explore “new century” and greener alternatives, we need to consider a way to solve the dearth of east/west transit options.

    The other thing that I don’t understand is why there are no “special” express buses for sporting events — down to the Verizon Center or to Nats Park. Growing up in St. Louis, the city ran the “Red Bird Specials” on the bus lines so people could take public transportation downtown to see Cardinal games. We have nothing akin to that here.

    Finally, to make any of this work — money aside (and that is a BIG aside!! — the system has to be safe and regularly and properly monitored. Here is hoping . . . .

  • On Capital Heels

    All of these are great ideas! I hope that some of you will actually participate in the community meetings seeking your input.

  • David G.

    The community has already been through a multi-year process of planning the Georgia Avenue streetcar. The plans are all set for that. The studies have been done. Why don’t we start there?

  • Jerry Grundle

    Sadly, my first thought when I read “safer travel for residents and visitors” for that area had nothing to do with the dangers of vehicular traffic.

  • Douglas Barker

    We have lived in Crestwood since 1992. We bus, metro, drive, walk and bicycle. We have two suggestions:
    1. We could use bike lanes to safely get from Crestwood to neighboring communities that have restaurants, shopping and other needed services – Petworth, Columbia Heights and Mt Pleasant.
    2. The middle lane on 16th Street that is used for in-bound traffic during the morning commute should be extended to include Saturday and Sunday mornings as well. A typical late morning Sunday includes bumper to bumper traffic on the one lane southbound from the Piney Branch Bridge to Park Road and very light traffic using the 2 outbound lanes.

    • lizcolleena

      +1 to the 16th street middle line being extended as inbound on weekend mornings. That is a rough spot, for cars, buses and cyclists alike!

  • Baron of Brightwood

    Traffic calming of any kind, anywhere in this entire area, would be tremendously welcome. Being a pedestrian in this area is a nightmare. Bump out some curbs, add some speed bumps, get some flashing pedestrian lights, etc. Cars fly down 13th St and obviously Georgia Ave. WAAAY too fast all the time.

    We need to reconsider how we prioritize yields in transportation. Right now cars dominate, public transport is overcrowded and unreliable, bikes are forgotten, and pedestrians are given a death sentence. Cities that work (Montreal, Copenhagen, Portland, Amsterdam) have it exactly opposite.

  • lizcolleena

    The problem with transportation in this area is that there’s a huge park acting as a barrier. I love the park, and am certainly not advocating to alter it, much anyhow, but unless there is will to widen lanes and/or create new thoroughfares east to west, the headaches in this area will persist. Look at the vehicular lines to get on Rock Creek Parkway from Park Road-Klingle-Beach Drive. I suspect that is a much larger conversation than DDOT can have.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      We had a very useful route across the park in Klingle Road, but the well-connected property owners on its western end somehow managed to convince everybody that it served the District’s residents better as an abandoned strip of crumbling asphalt.

  • MeMe

    Reduce Grant Circle to one vehicle lane and add pedestrian crossing signals.


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