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  • “I think that if we pull the obelisk a little bit more to the left, that PoPville photographer will have the perfect sunbeam lens flare for next Wednesday’s cover shot!”

  • Joshua

    To borrow one of your headlines – Work Resumes at the “Leaning Tower of Shaw”

  • Ron

    Their friendship came with strings attached.

  • andy

    “Man, our kites are SO HIGH!”

    “Naw, man, I haven’t smoked since last night.”

  • Jerry Grundle

    “Dude! Your hat!”
    “Naah bro, that shit ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

  • Mug of Glop

    The string climb is the flagship event of the Millennial Olympics.

  • I Dont Get It

    “Only 97 more luftballons to go!”

  • Jessica

    All together now!

  • T-Digs

    “So you’re telling me once we pull on these strings all the puppets under the Dome start moving?”

    “Yeah, brah. We run the country”

  • Alex

    “Dude, If Trumps Ego get’s more inflated, we’ll need another string”

  • BBNE

    After only a few minutes it was clear that Manny Pacquiao’s idea of getting high was much different than Bob Marley’s.

  • wolfpackwx

    Trump’s puppeteers work hard to keep him from drifting even farther to the right.

  • stephen

    So how long have you been flying kites?
    About 7 years.
    How do you like it?
    It has its ups and downs


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