Police Involved Shooting of a Dog at 2nd and Gallatin St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 6, 2016 at 4:10 pm 8 Comments

via google maps

A reader asks @PoPville:

“heavy police presence, crime tape, and a humane society van at 2nd & gallatin NW. What is going on over here?”

From AlertDC around 3:15pm:

“Alert: MPD is on the scene regarding a police involved shooting in references to a dog in the 200 block of Gallatin Street, NW”

  • ft bretworth

    that’s exactly where i was once when an unleashed pit bull started following me and my dog around; his owner was high on something and incoherent towards me (they apparently live right at the property on the NE corner of that intersection). fortunately, the dog had no ill-will towards us. unfortunately, the owner had no control over her dog and apparently lifted her shirt (can someone explain this?) to get the dog to calm down and drop his attention on us.

    also, like it or not, this. is. petworth.

  • jim_ed

    I came across this yesterday on my way home from work. Saw the police tape and a news van and thought the worst. Better than the alternative I suppose.

    • Gallatin Street

      Better than the human alternative but it is still extreme to shoot a dog. I live on this block and know the dogs. They were a nuisance but I never saw them being violent.

      Also agree that this street is Petworth and not Manor Park.

      • b

        what kind/color dog was it? i live at 7th and Gallatin and have encountered a roaming white/grey pit with a pink color a few times. once i saw it charge a group of 8-10 yr olds walking down the block.

        • Petworth Newbie

          I just moved to the neighborhood (2 blocks away) and many other dogowners have told me about this pit bull that is not on a leash. I bet that is what happened. Scary, but good to the police for taking care of it.

          • Gallatin Street

            I believe the dog that actually bit the woman in this case was tan. The dog that was shot was grey. Not sure about her collar.

            After living in the neighborhood for several years, I can say that I’ve seen many pit bulls not on leashes in our neighborhood. There is no way to know if these are the same dogs. I can’t speak to what happened yesterday, but surely there has to be a better way to round them up so they can be humanely put to sleep. Shooting them in the middle of the street in the afternoon? That’s crazy.

  • CapitalDame

    The news last night said that police were responding to a call that a woman had been bit by a dog. They arrived on scene and two pitbulls were outside of the house off leash and uncontrolled. One of the pitbulls charged an officer, and the officer discharged his weapon. The other dog was taken into custody.

  • pete

    I live on the block and have a service dog. this pit that was shot is not the aggressive one that others, including myself, have had issues with. this one used to get out fairly often and was friendly. i’ve seen many things since moving in that make me ashamed of the behavior and common decency of some of the officers that patrol our neighborhood. and i’ve seen many officers that have been excellent examples of humans and their uniforms. however, this was cowardice at best.


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