Washington, DC

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A reader shares this incredibly disturbing alert on Monday from the DC Healthcare Information System, “an online emergency alert system managed by the DC Emergency Healthcare Coalition (DCEHC) to notify hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, poison control center, etc of relevant emergencies that may impact the DC healthcare system.”

Title: F-Y-I: EMS Transport Hindered by Dirt Bikes === Body: Incident Description A commercial ambulance provider reports they recently encountered a group of 20-30 dirt bikes at the intersection of North Capitol Street and Michigan Avenue, in the vicinity of the Children’s National Medical Center. The agency reported that the motorcycles and ATVs boxed in the ambulance and forced it to a stop. The ambulance was transporting a NICU patient at the time.

One subject on a motorcycle is reported to have opened the driver’s side door and accused the operator of ‘cutting off’ the biker group. The operator was able to subsequently close and lock their door. The bikers reportedly refused to allow the ambulance to move, even when the operator activated lights and siren. The ambulance crew notified the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) via 9-1-1.

When MPD arrived on scene the biker group sped off, allowing the ambulance to complete the transport. The patient suffered no untoward effects due to the delayed transport, and no crew members were hurt as a result of the encounter. There was no report of any weapons displayed. Recommended Actions It is recommended that all EMS agencies review their policies and procedures to determine if an incident of this nature is addressed. EMS agencies should let their personnel be aware of this incident, and discuss how they would handle this situation. Healthcare facilities should review this incident with their staff and security personnel, and discuss how it may impact operations at their facility.


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