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“Does anywhere know where I can get the deliciously savory Japanese pancake in the District?”

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2016 at 11:30 am 28 Comments

705 6th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve been in and out of DC for the last 10 years and most recently transplanted from Pittsburgh. The DC food scene has always been relatively quick (before commenters skewer me I said relatively, and I’m comparing to Pittsburgh) to pick up on food trends, so I was surprised to come from Pittsburgh where Okonomiyaki was becoming popular and find it nowhere in DC. At first I thought I’d just give it time, but two and half years later in DC and it still seems absent.

Does anywhere know where I can get the deliciously savory Japanese pancake in the District?”

The Post did an article on this in 2013 and it looks like Daikaya has “Okonomiyaki-style” in Chinatown and Kaz Sushi Bistro has it at 1915 I St, NW. Anyone else know where to get some around town?

  • Mlwindc


    • jumpingjack

      Only at the Penn Quarter and Dupont locations, not Lafayette Square. :(

  • That One Guy

    The only suggestion I have is Teaism, but I can’t vouch whether you consider this authentic since you don’t cook it yourself.

  • SM

    Hana Japanese market on U St. has the ingredients to make it at home!

    • Ben

      Was going to suggest that. Very easy and very delicious to make at home! Just cabbage, egg, batter, and some sauce.

  • hungeegirl

    This is my favorite Japanese dish. As I’ve been living in DC a long time, the answer is – no, you can’t find a good one here. They occasionally have one at the sakura matsuri festival (which has a japanese restaurant from northern virginia prepare it), but it sucks. learn to make your own via hana japanese market or be sad and disappointed, like me

  • d

    Yep, Teaism has it on the menu right now.

  • CultOfSherry

    This is the recipe I’ve used a handful of times before and always been happy with: http://justhungry.com/okonomiyaki-osaka-style
    (I concur with the finding of ingredients at Hana)

    Otherwise, try Otafuku….. in New York. :)

  • anon

    Never had Teaism. Had a pretty fresh one on main street Fairfax a few months ago. Not really a trend inside the district.

  • victoria

    I am totally going to add the lack of “Deliciously savory Japanese pancake” in my Popville “favorite things!”

    • MPinDC

      Victoria I saw your “favorite things” at the end of the breastmilk/LMW comment thread – cracked me up

    • MsSunshine


  • textdoc

    SparklyKittyTacos and Littlen, any recommendations?
    (IIRC, you once got together to make your own okonomiyaki.)

  • ANC

    I just made okonomiyaki at home from Smitten Kitchen’s website, and while it doesn’t sound the least bit authentic, it was delicious and I was able to cobble it together from ingredients in my kitchen.


  • *

    Honeycomb at Union market had it a couple weeks ago.

  • AnonV2

    There was a pop-up shop in the little Japanese stall in Union Market selling okonomiyaki a couple of weekends ago (they had veggie and pork). It was pretty good, but nothing like you would get in Japan. I’d rate it above Teaism’s version.

  • cam

    Do NOT get the okonomiyaki at Teaism. It’s not at all like its Japanese namesake, and you’ll be really disappointed. If you like Asian-style pancakes, try Mandu (Korean) for pajeon, which isn’t the same as okonomiyaki, but it’s tasty nonetheless. Otherwise, make your okonomiyaki at home. Go to Hana, the little Japanese grocery store near 17th and U NW. They have a package batter to which you can add your preferred ingredients. Not that hard! I miss okonomiyaki, too! And the food scene in Pittsburgh, for that matter!

  • ava

    Honeycomb Market in Union Market was serving it last weekend and it was amazing: pork (bottom lines with bacon) and veggie options.

  • ams

    BonChons all have it on the menu, some of the various sushi places around town too. And of course Daikaya upstairs.

  • mvexplorer

    I have been saying for years it would be a good idea to open an okonomiyaki food truck or small restaurant. I would have done it already if I had any skill in Japanese cooking. This article confirms my suspicions that it would do well in DC!! Calling all Japanese (or non-Japanese with mad skills) chefs!

    • Ben

      Show me the money and we can talk. I also had the same I idea but lack the finances. I want to do Takoyaki too :)

      I make both at home. Yum.

  • ChenChen
  • Philippe Lecheval

    I have no idea how similar it is, but in their frozen foods section, Trader Joe’s sells something called Pajeon, which is a Korean scallion pancake. They’re absolutely delicious with sriracha all over them!

  • bruno

    I second it, or whatever number we are up to — Teaism!
    Okonomiyaki and so much more!

  • RFKStadium

    BUL in Adams Morgan! They have both Okonomiyaki and a Korean style pancake. I’m a vegetarian so I haven’t tried it but they are supposed to be very good.

    • LR

      I’ve had it at Bul, delish!

  • DP

    I had the okonomiyaki at Teaism, and it was actually pretty gross. Nothing like what I had in Japan. I’m also partial to the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, and that doesn’t seem to exist in DC at all!

  • LL

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