• Nancy

    Having another flashback. I remember when there were movie theaters in that building, and since there wasn’t a metro stop yet at Tenleytown, it meant waiting forever for one of the 30s buses.

    • jaybird

      Yeah. When I was a kid we could walk from Connecticut and Chesapeake to at least 7 different movie theaters. KB Studios and Circle Theaters were the prominent cinema chains back in the day.

  • Epic Fail

    Also noticed that there’s now a number of classic cars in the former Volvo dealership showroom just a few blocks up from Tenley View. I assume this is the return of Classic Motors who used to be in Friendship Hts?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Classic Motors, which used to be at 5220 Wisconsin (at Ingomar) signed a two-year lease with GDS for part of the former Volvo site.

  • say what

    why cant we get anything like this in PArk View/Petworth. There are lots of empty retail spaces in the new residential buildings.

  • DCinDC111

    Any word on when District Taco is slated to open?

  • anon50

    troll says: what about the parking??

    • Anonymous

      There was one level of parking (with about 20 spaces, mostly for smaller cars) below the building. This was part of the building that the developer retained, and yet the developer argued to the Zoning Commission that it would be too difficult to provide more than one parking space in this building. Somehow, the Zoning Commission bought this assertion and approved a building with only one parking space, far less than the 87 spaces required, or even the 20 spaces in the existing garage.

      Will the Office of Planning follow-up and determine how many cars the future residents of this building will actually own, and use that information to judge the credibility of future claims? Will DDOT ever explain why this building was added to the RPP database while it was under construction in spite of the fact that the developer promised that the residents will not get residential parking permits.

  • As a Tenleytowner, I’m just glad this got developed. Architecturally, it’s pretty bland but, then again, Tenleytown doesn’t exactly have a unified style other than “mish-mash” and “ugly.” I think the forthcoming GDS property is going to make a big statement and set the course, for good or ill.


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