• JC

    I’ve never been to Habit, but Purple Patch is delicious. I love the sizzling sisig.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea there was a cafe under the restaurant, and I live in Mt Pleasant.

    • Dcrat

      Agreed. We went to Radius last week and I wondered if anything was going on down there.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Yeah, I thought the speakeasy place was still in there.
      I haven’t been to Purple Patch, but Radius makes a fine pie. It’s a fun spot when it isn’t overflowing with screeching yuppie spawn.

  • anonymous

    I’m so glad that Purple Patch happened to Mt Pleasant. It’s a versatile gem. The food is tremendous and they are hands down the most welcoming staff and ownership I’ve found in DC.

    • TX2DC

      Meh, I miss the old Tonic.

    • INWDC

      While the service was fine I was totally underwhelmed by the food at this place. Maybe it was an off night, or I ordered the wrong things. I certainly didn’t experience the five star food everyone chirps about.

  • MoldieOldie

    Closed because it never became a habit for anyone.

  • John Fubka

    I checked it out once last summer after it opened. Prices were generally higher than Flying Fish down the street.

  • Anonymous

    Seconding the sizzling sisig at Purple Patch. They have some very unusual and delicious desserts as well–I recommend it!

  • Up,Sure!

    I spent last summer touring DC coffee shops (between jobs so I freelanced and studied from every caffeine joint I could find). I always wanted to try this one but every time I biked up it looked closed or out of business. It was another one of those places where I wanted to spend my money but never felt like I could.

  • Nice atmosphere, good service, and good food at Purple Patch. I’ve only been there twice so far, but both times they seemed to be doing good business.

  • Dogg

    I love Purple Patch, but Habit had horrible hours. I think for most of its time, it was only open on weekends and closed in the afternoon

  • coypolloi

    Gonna miss those pies.

  • Bloomy

    Purple Patch is so good! And the owner was super friendly, especially when she overheard that we were from bloomingdale, as she is a proud resident, too!

  • anonymous

    Oh no! Is there anywhere else where I can find Australian pies?

    • Sydney

    • Anonymous

      Cassatt’s in Arlington? (NZ pie though)

  • above7-11

    I went in to habit a few years ago. Same owners as Purple Patch. The husband ran the coffee shop while his wife ran the patch. Nice place, but irregular hours and no direction.

    • MoldieOldie

      they weren’t open a few years ago.

  • BookaholicAnonymous

    I live in Mt Pleasant and absolutely love Purple Patch–the food is delicious (and very reasonably priced for the huge portions), and the service and atmosphere are friendly. I really have Habit the old college try, but the hours were really inconvenient. And I also just found their product not as good as Flying Fish–which also seems to have slightly lower prices. I kinda hope the breakfast pies make their way onto the brunch menu at Purple Patch, though! And that the space doesn’t sit too empty for long.

    • BookaholicAnonymous

      Correction: I *gave* Habit the old college try…

  • APinMTP

    Hard to be a habit when it was only open Sa and Su. PP people are turning it into an event space for rent for parties, etc.

  • Purple Patch is legit. Never heard of Habit.

  • MTJ

    This place was open 11-3 Saturday and Sunday only, when it wasnt shut down for a private event from the Purple Patch, which was every other week. It is no wonder it is closed.

  • N

    Purple Patch is delicious and delightful.

  • This is Awkward

    Not that anyone is reading a day old post on the internet…but I have 2 cents on PP.
    I recently gave brunch a chance, even though Filipino probably wouldn’t be folks’ first pick for a morning meal. Space was cute, service very friendly, food a let down. For $14 I got some (delicious) garlic rice with a TEENY sad pile of unflavorful diced tomatoes and approximately 3 scallions. The fried egg was a little sad looking and the Filipino sausage was good, but not mind blowing. My boyfriend got a very run of the mill French Toast plate.

    I still want to try it for dinner, but big pass on the brunch menu.

    • DCReggae

      Who knew food could show such emotion.

  • Filipinofoodfan

    It must have reopened because my friend and I were there last night for dinner. We didn’t realize the Purple Patch dining room was upstairs and went in through the bar entrance, which was empty at first but then was packed for trivia night. A notice on our table described the space as “Habit Cafe inside Purple Patch” or something like that. We both ordered Filipino food, including dessert. The vegetarian pancit bihon was delicious, and the cassava cake was the hit of the night. Avoid the turon, which is a plantain fried inside an eggroll wrapper — it tasted like rancid oil. We exited through the upstairs, which seems to be a more pleasant dining atmosphere. Too bad they don’t have the garlic fried rice on the dinner menu!

  • I

    I really liked Habit. I found the coffee to be waaaay better than flying fish (who’s coffee used to be great but hasn’t held up) and the pies and pastries were great too. The staff was lovely as well. But those hours. 9-3 on saturday and Sunday just weren’t enough to build a strong following.

  • Salks

    I always thought Habit would have been better served as a bar for Radius. As a cafe it was a non-starter.


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