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“Consistent Car Breaks Ins on Georgia Ave”

by Prince Of Petworth April 29, 2016 at 1:00 pm 7 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Over the last month or so on my walk home from the Petworth metro I’ve seen at least 8 instances of cars with their back windows broken into. Every time these cars have been parked on the 3600 block of Georgia Ave directly next to the CVS (across from Fisherman of Men Church) in that stretch of 8-10 parking spaces before you hit Princeton Place. I have never seen it happen before this and I think some of the times it’s happening in broad daylight which is crazy to me considering how busy the street is.

I had my car window smashed in a couple years ago despite there being nothing of value in the car to steal and it was such a bummer, so I wish I could warn these people before they decide to park in these spots! Obviously people will continue to park there, but at least they know there’s a risk involved. Can CVS post notices on their side wall warning that there’s been a string of break-ins in those spots? Considering that that CVS is always a mess, I’m less than optimistic that they’d do anything about it; but I’d just hate to sit idly by as it happens to more people. Is there anything that we can do?”

  • I. Rex

    For those that are observant, all the broken glass on that street should provide some notice that a window may get broken if left there (as it never gets cleaned up completely). Only thing to do is the usual. Get enough people to complain to MPD about it, talk to local ANC rep.

  • Eric

    Why is this a problem when Car B Ques are funny?

  • textdoc

    I doubt CVS would post something along the lines of “There have been a bunch of car break-ins here,” but they might consider something like “Please remove visible items from your car.” (I’ve seen better language somewhere, but I can’t remember what the wording was.)

    • textdoc

      Alternatively, maybe a warning could be put on the signpost that has the sign saying “Pay Parking” or whatever.

  • neighbor

    Maybe MPD can hand out pink slips telling people they shouldn’t park their car there because they are likely to be broken in to.

  • General Grant Circle

    I also notice this. Those same spots have also had cars pull up and people on the benches near there enter for a few minutes then leave, sometimes with these brown paper bags. I suspect there is a drug element going on. Maybe the car break ins are to discourage people from taking the spots?

  • Reba

    Its been going on for years at the 800 block of Quincy.


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