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  • Appreciate the irony.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    What does the writing under “Cavalier” mean?

    • lawderly

      Looks like a name, “Luciano P” – Luciano Pavarotti? That’s all the help Google could offer. Maybe name of the owner?

  • tacopuss

    Holy cow that looks so much better.

  • Stink Eye

    I’ve always wondered the the heck that black glass stuff is wrapped around the top. I went in here once and it was a scene straight out of the zombie apocalypse.

    • CS

      Someone who is a historic building material expert can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it is vitrolite – a material that was manufactured in the first half of the century, and used in a lot of Art Deco design. At the risk of posting a link and getting caught in moderation, I’ll let you google it and you’ll find more than you ever needed to know.

  • mpt

    I think Luciano P is the person who painted the building. The same name is on the newly painted Panama Market on 14th street. Similar colors/style. Has anyone noticed the big “shalom” painted in Hebrew letters on the wall right next to the Panama Market? Curious where that came from. It appeared around the same time the building was painted.

  • tke98

    It looks better, admittedly, but curious minds want to know why the painting budget did not include the painted red brick wall on the left side. It should have extended to at least the non-painted brick portion of the building because it looks mighty odd right now.

  • reality

    I like it! And am also wondering about the final red wall…


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