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  • Anon

    I went last Friday night – the food was okay, but not great. It is probably just because they are working through some kinks, but it seemed slightly disingenuous to say that a hummus plate came with pita and veggies and then to only include 3 slices of celery (pita and hummus were delicious though!). And then we had a lamb dish with a mushroom sauce that didn’t come with any mushrooms in the sauce, a pad thai that didn’t taste anything like tamarind and was missing bean sprouts/cilantro/peanuts, and then a chocolate lava cake that had clearly just been pulled out of the fridge, which mean no lava-ing. It was kind of sad! Drinks were very good though.

    • Hill Denizen

      I don’t get it. Why is a restaurant called Brick Lane serving hummus and pad thai? I was hoping this was going to be Indian (which DC doesn’t have a ton of) or maybe traditional British food. Is there a story behind the name? I can’t find a website and their instagram doesn’t really have much. It just seems like one of the places opened by people who just want to open a restaurant because they think it’s profitable/cool and they just fill the menu with random dishes they think people like (looking at you Romeo and Juliet).

  • MR

    We went here for brunch last weekend. The price point is great and most entrees are around $10 for brunch. The food didn’t blow us away, but it certainly wasn’t bad and I would definitely go back. I can’t recommend the bloody mary though. Whatever mix they use is just weird and tastes nothing like a traditional bloody. Then again, it’s only $5.

  • LazydaysinDupont

    I was really excited to welcome a new place to the neighborhood but sadly not returning any time soon. As far as brunch goes… not good. The Bloody Mary tasted like marinara sauce – pizza dough not included. I ordered the “Traditional” Eggs Benedict. Their version of hollandaise sauce is a drizzle of some green stuff that tasted like pure basil. Doesn’t look like this place will last long.

  • shaw

    I disagree with some of the other commenters. I went twice in the last two weeks – once for dinner and another for brunch. I thought the food was right on point with the prices, and I welcome an affordable option to the DC dining scene! I had a chicken dish for the dinner and the person I was with had the flat iron steak. Both were incredibly tasty and a good value at about $20. For brunch I had the egg and ham croissant and also thought it was amazing for seven bucks. The other commenters don’t have to go back if they don’t want to – more open tables for me!

    • Hill Denizen

      A ham and egg on croissant is a good deal at $7?!?! Where do you normally eat???

    • Hill Denizen

      A ham and egg on croissant is a good deal at $7?!?! Where do you normally eat???

  • Neighbor

    I live less than a block away and was very excited to see another local eating option. On Thursday night we went for dinner with another couple. I would say the food was “highly meh” and they are clearly still working out the kinks in terms of service.

    My biggest gripe is that the menu was really scattershot and unfocused. And the fries were mushy.

    I hope they are able to get the restaurant in to shape, but I too worry it is one of those places where they throw together a caricature of every element of what makes a restaurant good, and then it is mediocre at best. Also, get a website up and running.


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