Blazed & Glazed, “the first ever food festival for pot enthusiasts” (but you can’t consume marijuana…)

Blazed & Glazed Kelly Towles Artwork

From a press release:

“A higher power always intended pot, barbecue and doughnuts to be enjoyed together.

Indulge in this unholy trinity at Blazed & Glazed – the first ever food festival for pot enthusiasts – on Sunday, May 15th at Mess Hall (703 Edgewood St. NE, Washington, D.C., 20017) starting at 11 A.M.

Featuring Astro Doughnuts & Fried ChickenPornBurger, Tarver King, executive chef of the award-winning Restaurant at Patowmack FarmSloppy Mama’s BarbequeThe Fry Brothers  and Westray’s Finest Ice Cream.

Each ticket holder will receive a complimentary Astro Doughnut sandwich (a savory rosemary doughnut with pimento chicken salad and Gordy’s pickled jalapeños) made exclusively for the event, plus their first beer. Additional local food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Your ticket also includes three pot-tastic classes. Matthew Doherty, co-creator of East Coast Grow and authoritative consultant to marijuana cultivators, will teach attendees “How to Make Cannabutter” and “The Art of THC Tinctures.” A third class* will feature the event’s featured chefs as they take turns crafting their own perfect munchies in Mess Hall’s demonstration kitchen.

Too cool for school? After class, guests can chill in the beer hall/curated food court, where they will claim their complimentary Astro Doughnut sandwich and beer, and purchase high-end munchies from our restaurant partners and more beer. While noshing and sipping, guests can watch vintage Saturday morning cartoons, hear sets from local DJs and browse our marketplace featuring marijuana accessory vendors, growing kits, Jon Wye and more…

No hacky sacks. No patchouli incense. No tie-dye.

Come high. Leave full.

Tickets are available HERE for five entry times on Sunday, May 15th11 A.M., 12:30 P.M., 2 P.M.3:30 P.M. and 5 P.M.   *** AGES 21 & OVER ONLY – NO EXCEPTIONS ***
*A different chef will be featured in each entry time.


  1. I will not smoke, vape, drink, eat or otherwise consume marijuana or marijuana infused foods on the premises of Mess Hall.

    2. I shall not sell or otherwise seek remuneration for marijuana or infused marijuana products.

    3. I shall not solicit donations for marijuana or marijuana-infused products.

    4. I shall not drive or operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or infused marijuana products.

    5. I’m aware of my Initiative 71 rights and shall not violate the lawful terms of possession, transfer, or consumption.

    6. I shall immediately remove myself peacefully without further action required by the organizers if asked to vacate the premises for violating the event’s rules of admittance.”

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