Barber of Hell’s Bottom opening 2nd spot in Logan

by Prince Of Petworth April 12, 2016 at 10:30 am 48 Comments

1455 Church St, NW

Teal reports:

“new barber on 1400 block of Church St NW”

In the PoPville flickr pool, psinderbrand tells us they are:

“Replacing Minx and Maven on Church Street. Looks to be a week or so from opening”

Their first location is in Shaw at the corner of 9th and Rhode Island Ave, NW in the former slum historique building.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    It is the most crazy overpriced, overly hipster hair salon this side of Brooklyn. Which means they’ll surely make a killing at this new location.

    • N

      And not too long ago they raised the price from $60 to $70 to “help pay for the barbers health insurance”. I’m all for health insurance, but not guilt tripped into paying $70 for a haircut.

      • N

        Nicole is a really great barber though.

        • Shawnnnnnn

          Wait, you go to Nicole and are only paying $70 post the change in pricing? I go to Nicole and mine went to $85.

          • N

            Nah, I haven’t been back since the price increase. I went to Nicole when it was $60

    • Shawnnnnnn

      Yeah, in the brief 7 months I have gotten my haircut at the one in Shaw, the price has gone from $60 (already too high) to $85. Allegedly to provide healthcare to their barbers, despite the fact mine said flat out they were not yet doing it. Definitely switching back to my old place.

      • I Dont Get It

        Wow! I guess I should be glad I’m “prematurely” balding.

      • SilverSpringGal

        $60? Welcome to being a woman. That’s the intro price to walk into a salon.

        • no

          Women can go 12-18 weeks without a cut. At 60$ a cut, that gets you to $173 a year, without tip. Men go 2-6 weeks, so $520 a year.

          • anon

            men get their hair cut every 2 weeks? right. but you also have the $30 and under options. you don’t HAVE to go to hells bottom. women, who actually do get their haircut every 8-12 weeks, not 18 weeks, have really no choice but to pay bare minimum of $60.

          • kittycatbob

            Are you assuming that every woman has longer hair and can go longer between cuts? I have short hair and get mine cut every 5 weeks. Your argument does not hold water.

          • ***

            I am a guy and usually go anywhere from 8-10 weeks (and once 3 months) without a haircut. But I keep a longer style, so it works for me. And I hate getting my hair cut so I avoid it until it becomes a disaster.

          • saf

            Really? I can’t go much beyond 6 weeks. The husband goes every 6 weeks too.

        • Leeran

          I was under the impression that Bang starts around $40 for a women’s cut — I would think there are cheaper ones out there.

          • eggs

            Bubbles is around that price point too.

        • Shawnnnnnn

          I’m not a woman. My hair takes 20 minutes to cut. And it happens once every four weeks. By your own logic, the price anywhere for a woman’s haircut is this. That is not true for a man’s haircut, which is the point in saying they are overpriced.

        • kbloomingdale

          Go to Aveda Salon School in Chinatown.

    • Anonymous

      People are paying $80 for a men’s cut? SUCKERS.
      I pay $30 and I’m never telling anyone where I get it. I already now need to book at least one month out because he is so busy. However, I’m an original customer and have followed him to two locations, so I think he charges me $10 less than new customers.
      However, men’s haircuts in DC really are over-priced. I paid much less in NYC and had a ton of options in the $20-25 range. So many cheap, good salons in NYC Chinatown.

  • Eddie Sizzuhans

    Cut N Edge: $20.

    No hipsters, please.

  • No Bikes

    Great. Another place for me not to get a hair cut.
    B&C on 18th Street will set you back $20.

    • Branddave

      B & C (18th & Swann NW) is the best!!

      $20 for cut and hot towel

  • TX2DC

    Ha. My mother owned a salon and if you’re charging these prices, you cetainly shouldn’t brand yourself as a barber. Those are salon, not barber, prices.

  • Jay

    It’s pricey but they do a great job. The $70 also includes a trim about 2-3 weeks after your cut. There are less expensive options in the city (Bang) but you kind of get what you pay for…

    • jcm

      Do you really notice the difference between a $40 cut at Bang and an $80 cut here? I go to Bang, and I feel like it’s somewhat pricey, but noticeably better than the $20 cut I used to get. I’m just not sure my haircut could be $40 better than it is now.

      • Duponter

        My stylist before I went to Barber of Hells Bottom was $60, which I thought was high. I switched to BOHB at the same price and within eight months was paying $85. The in between clean up is nice and I convince myself makes up the difference. And I do generally like the haircut better. But as a guy with short hair, in a week, it basically looks the same as it would if I went somewhere else.

    • ***

      Well…. on a whim I went to Bang recently, having become exhausted with the no reservation system at Wise Owl Club. And I have to say, the guy who cut my hair at Bang listened to what I wanted, didn’t cut the top too short (somehow most places think they are going to get tipped based on how much they cut? I don’t know) and I got probably one of the best cuts I have gotten in DC. So, while I do agree that the cheaper options don’t always pan out (looking at you Diego’s who insisted on giving me the conservative republican cut every. single.time.), you also don’t necessarily need to spend good booze money on a haircut.

      • Anonymous

        Diego’s is terrible. Went once and the woman ruined my head. Never again.

  • Truxton Thomas

    I cut my own hair with clippers in the shower, but Barber of Hell’s Bottom does a very nice straight-razor shave. It’s like a massage experience, with several hot towels and oils and moisturizers. It’s a special occasion kind of thing for me, so I don’t begrudge people who want to pamper themselves here more regularly. Do your thing, BOHB.

  • NE Jim

    Looking for a good haircut in DC? Go to Bang Metropole at 15th and P, and ask for Mariana.

    • That particular Bang gave me one of the worst haircuts I’ve had in DC, second only to Diego’s. It wasn’t with your recommended stylist though.

  • andy2

    Can DC just get a place like Rudy’s in Seattle? I mean really its either Haircuttery or Wise Owl/Hells Bottom.

    • ***

      There is Floyd’s 99, which is similar. BUT you have to venture out to the burbs. So….

    • jim_ed

      Yeah you have to hit the suburbs for that good cut for cheap. It’s a pain in the ass, but I still head to my barber in Fairfax because $22 gets me a wash, a cut, a straight razor shave, and a hot towel.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a hot deal!

  • stacksp

    HIS Grooming on Pennsylvania Avenue is a great place for mens haircuts. I am no way affiliated but I do get my haircut here.

    • Linc Park SE

      +1 – great cut, nice environment/atmosphere – I see Logan – he never rushes so plan to be in the chair for 30mins

  • Andie302

    This place is right next to my house (and I’m a woman) and briefly considered chopping all my hair off and then going here out of convenience, but now they’re more expensive than my DuPont salon! It turns out I’m not quite ready to hack it all off – and this is seriously one of the factors – so much more maintenance.

  • DP

    Victor Hair Salon, 803 T NW is great for guys and the price is right. Nice people too.

    • They closed.

      • anon

        they were open less than two weeks ago.

        • Ah awesome – I got a bunch of tweets that they closed a few months ago. Photo had a sign that said they closed to but I just called them and they are indeed open. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the correction!

    • thoma193

      Used to go there all the time – literally a few doors down from my place – but stopped going here in the past few months. Quality and attention to detail seemed to fall off recently and I had to go to another place to get my cut fixed. Not sure if there was something personal that happened or what, but things were noticeably different there in my recent experiences.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Never going again, I went to a lady there that was awesome, I was grandfathered in at her apprentice rate…welp, called and didnt get the rate, so much for loyalty. I take my laptop with me to WOC and wait it out, usually for Rosa, because she rules. WOC also is just a GREAT business model with great people that work there.

    • Jon

      Dang, stop telling others about Rosa at WOC. You are going to make the line even longer now.

    • ***

      I really wanted to like WOC and went to them for a while because they did a great job and I liked the vibe there. But it got to a point where I would literally have to leave work 2 hours early to get in the door before 4pm (since they fill up for the night before 5pm) and then sit there for 2-3 hours waiting. Some people don’t have the luxury to sit around Adams Morgan for 3 hours for the opportunity to get a haircut (and not everyone can work remotely and bill it as work time). I ended up wasting so much time there with nothing to do and got turned away multiple days in a row. I get that not taking reservations is the hip thing to do and everything, but it just didn’t work for me. Sorry.

      • I was debating going to WOC or BOHB for my wedding day cut / photoshoot. All other things being equal I was leaning towards WOC, but decided against it because of their no reservation policy.

      • OP Anon

        This is, literally, INSANE. So glad I never even bothered to check them out, despite living around the corner. What a huge waste of time, WTF.

  • I went once as a test run prior to going on my wedding day (well technically I went twice, since they give you a “clean up cut” a few weeks after included in the price). I’ve got to salons / barbers all over the city in varying price ranges, and I thought it was a pretty good cut but they styled it kinda douchey and completely different than how I described. The next day when I did it myself it looked significantly better. But I still went back on my wedding day because I clicked a lot more with the guy who did my touch up (Dane) than my initial cut. I got the full cut + shave on my wedding day and the treatment was superb, set me back about $130 (before tip), if I recall. I really don’t think I’ve ever felt like I looked better than I did leaving the barber that morning. However, it’s still a bit more than I’m willing to pay for “every day” cuts, which for me is usually about every 2 months. My go-to spots in the average range (40-50) are Trim in Adam’s Morgan (Melissa) and Aveda (Mineyah). Bravado in Eastern Market does an acceptable job if I don’t have time to trek to NW and really need a cut, for about $35, but it’s really not the same quality as the others.


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