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All Purpose Pizzeria from Owners of Boundary Stone and Red Hen Now Hiring, Close to Opening in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth April 25, 2016 at 10:25 am 15 Comments


Very high up on my eagerly anticipated openings!! Our last update was almost a year ago when we they posted their liquor license placard:

“A fast food casual and café style restaurant with bar which shall serve pizza and Italian food with 94 seats and total occupancy load of 125. Sidewalk Café with 16 seats.”

Now they’re almost ready and hiring. They’re located right next door to Espita Mezcaleria who opened last month at 9th and N St, NW. Stay tuned for an exact opening date for All Purpose Pizzeria soon.

all purpose
1250 9th Street, NW

  • Paul H

    Sidewalk cafe? Oh, when oh when will the city widen the sidewalks on the west side of 9th Street? Follow Georgetown’s lead and open up the parking strip to pedestrians nights and weekends? Would be great to have sidewalk cafes along the strip from O Street down to Mass.

    • 9thStreetNW

      They can’t do the temporary barrier/Georgetown idea because everyone drives 35+ mph down 9th Street. With all of the spots opening up in this area of Shaw they need to slow traffic down.

  • BostonToShaw

    On another 9th and N note, Espita had its rear glass door shattered last night. Cops were there around 7am.

    • Someone shattered the nice glass door of Barber of Hell’s Bottom about a month ago as well.

  • Hopefully they’re making “real” pizza here, and not another one of those fast, conveyor style operations.

    • Are you familiar with Red Hen? If you haven’t been yet, you should check them out.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Boundary Stone is no slouch either (though admittedly, not Red Hen good).

        • Agreed. But to me the thought that someone from Red Hen who do some half assed pizza made me chuckle. I love that place. I also love Boundary Stone. I also love pizza. So I’m pretty excited all around :)

        • Anon

          The food at Boundary Stone took a steep nose-dive after they expanded, which is rather unfortunate. I know I’m not the only with this opinion – my friends feel the same way and several of their servers shared the same sentiment.

          • Anon

            (I do really like the new space, just a minor gripe about the food – though their new spicy chicken sandwich is on point. Unless I want that sandwich, I’ll just go elsewhere when I’m hungry.)

          • Tsar Of Truxton

            Hmmm, I have only eaten there a few times since the expansion. I thought the cheesesteak was on point, and the loaded fries (with pork belly) are awesome. Not the healthiest of food, but I’ve never had anything bad and haven’t noticed a decline in quality. That said, if I want a spicy chicken sandwich, I am going to Crisp (around the corner). If that’s your thing, you should check it out.

          • neighbor

            We used to go to Boundary Stone at least once a week pre-renovation but haven’t been back for food since a couple tries after the renovation when we didn’t really like it at all. Its strange because they had been testing some interesting stuff on the menu just prior to the renovation, but whatever they were testing went out the window.

            Bring back fish and chips!

            And vegetarian options!

          • Anon

            Thanks for the advice, Tsar. I’m a big fan of the hot chicken at Crisp, so if it’s chicken I’m after, that’s usually where I go. I mentioned the chicken sandwich at BS to try to bring up some positivity to my comment, but it would only bring me in the door after the kitchen closes at Crisp. Oh well – there are many other options in the area now.

      • I’ve been to both. That doesn’t mean anything when opening a new business, anyone is susceptible to trends. Using the phrase “fast food casual” is what has me wary.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    I don’t think fast casual is necessarily a bad word, and I think a more casual option might do well in this location, as not a lot of alternatives (Pizzolis, I guess?) to pick up some quick pizza.


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