• MtP

    I didn’t know exactly where this was with the OP. I would have no problem with a police car parking there because it isn’t blocking a crosswalk, hydrant, or really anything. Honestly, I never understood why “entrances” are given no parking zones. Seems like this sign could be at least a few feet to the left (like where the treet is) and provide some more parking on the street.

    • AsAMother

      Entrances are given no parking zones for delivery trucks. They can stop there without having to search for parking for every stop they need to make, and so they won’t block traffic by double parking.

      • Jojo

        Not to mention easy/safe handicapped drop-off.

      • PettyShabazz

        No, that’s what loading/unloading zones are for, and then they are able to be used by other motorists during their off time. These signs mean no parking or standing ever.

  • Jakendc

    What I find every day i drive down K R this car projects at least 8 inches into the already two way traffic street and impedes pass through traffic..

  • anon

    “thank you for deterring crime in our neighborhood” — ha good joke


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