• OP Anon

    To be clear, this police car has been sitting in this same spot for 6 days. My parking garage is right here and I see it every morning and evening without movement. Very bizarre.
    It’s right in front of the loft condo building, just across from the crossfit studio under the HT.

    • OP Anon

      Also, I should add that the car is parked at a weird angle about 2 feet out from the curb. It’s a terrible parking job.

      • navyard

        Maybe it’s to not block the drive? Might also be a crime-deterrent with camera?

    • Brett M

      Surely you don’t expect cops to follow the law.

  • 20th Street

    Why? It’s hard enough to find legal parking in Adams Morgan as it is, why have cops take away spots from people who will be ticketed if they park illegally. I see posts on here about these “Do as I say . . . ” and never quite find the appeal. I bike, and don’t own a car, but I think I’d be uniquely pissed if a cop was parking in a legal spot on my street and I was left circling for god only knows how long.

    • soozles


    • nevermindtheend

      Others have pointed out specifics about this particular situation that are annoying.

      More generally: illegal spaces are illegal for a reason – they block a driveway or a fire hydrant or a bus stop; they block sightlines at intersections; they don’t allow enough room for vehicles (especially buses) to make turns. So, yes, people get annoyed when police park wherever they want. (Obviously, if they are actually on a call, they should park wherever they need to.)

      • OP Anon

        This cop car is parked close to the corner, but it doesn’t block the accessibility sidewalk ramp at the corner. Fortunately, the streets are one-way right here so it’s not blocking sight lines of oncoming traffic (this is at northwest corner of Kalorama and 17th)
        I believe the car may be related to the MPD officer who is always hanging out near the registers inside the HT. Does HT pay for that? I’ve always been a bit confused by his/her presence.

        • anon

          Officers at HT are moonlighting and working for HT.

      • nw_dc_1988

        THANK YOU nevermindtheend….exactly!

  • anon-b

    As long as the cop car isn’t blocking a fire hydrant or entrance, then I view this as a crime deterrent. I would welcome a police car parked in my neighborhood. Separately, while these notes are cute, an exemption is provided to emergency vehicles for many parking violations so that they can quickly respond to emergencies.

    • wdc

      Must be one hell of an emergency that has taken six days (per OP) of uninterrupted response.

  • Chris

    You should be happy he is there . I parked In that same spot 3 days ago and the car was not there. There was a homicide 3 days ago a few blocks away.

  • Who Cares

    Personally, it’s hard enough to park in that area. I’d rather them take up an illegal parking spot so I don’t have to get a ticket. If they aren’t blocking a hydrant or ramp, who does it harm? Great for the person putting the note on the car thinking they “stuck it to the man” – maybe it’s possible the cop just works a different shift then you? Because I’ve walk my dog by that Harris Teeter all week at 6 or 7 ish and they haven’t been there.

    Also, someone just got shot in that area last weekend, I’d much rather have cops cars even attempting to be a deterrent!

    Just saying, there are bigger issues to complain about. And now this cop is probably going to take one of the few spots available!

  • U street a Ellington

    I live at the Ellington on U street and have tried to get the cop who lives here not to park in the hancicap space in a marked police car all the time. It’s completely illegal and it really takes a certain level of jerk to continuously park in a handicap spot. Yes, I am publicly shaming as everyone around here think cops should get a pass. If you are able bodied, you do NOT park in handicap spaces.

    • anon


    • textdoc

      Try reporting him to the Third District Commander.

  • Joel

    DC law lets emergency vehicles be parked outside a legal spot. The irony is that if the car was parked in a legal spot, the writer of the note would have one less spot to park in.


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