“Two floors of commercial space and 9 New Luxury Condos” Coming Soon to 13th and H St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2016 at 10:05 pm 41 Comments

Rendering of 13th and H Street, NE via S-2 Development

S-2 Development’s website says:

“The southeastern corner of 13th and H Street NE will be transformed with a brand-new mixed use development. Featuring two floors of commercial space, the ground floor of which will have soaring ceilings and Bay windows. Above this, 1301 H will provide nine luxury residences all with two baths and Three Bedrooms or two bedrooms and a den. These spacious homes will feature open-chef’s kitchens, floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed masonry, and views of Capitol Hill and H Street. S2 Development is thrilled to be contributing to the spectacular transformation of the H Street Corridor.”



1301 H Street, NE

  • Nice


  • Josh

    That will fit in well on that part of H Street. I hope construction starts soon.

  • Accountering

    Excellent. One more church saw fit to sell their building, and move where their constituents are. DC gets less double parking, more residents and tax revenue. Win win.

    • NUNU

      And wehre would those concstituens be???? you enjoy kicking out the poor and trying to give it some intellecutal twist…. shame.

      • B

        I’m not trying to weigh in on the appropriateness of Truxton’s comment, but it’s no secret that large numbers of many churches that double park are coming in from Maryland. Just look at the tags – almost exclusively Maryland tags.

        • Lisa

          Well the license plates cover those who must drive to the church. But are you privy to the number of people who walk? What about those who consider it their home church though they moved to MD from DC and have strong relationships in that church they’re supposed to just sever ties? The sentiments B and Accoutering and others express are so thoughtless, really lacking in thought.

          • Accountering

            Its not thoughtless at all, the church didn’t HAVE to move, they chose to move, very likely closer to where their constituents live. I am not being thoughtless in the least. For your MD resident, if their church wants to move closer to them that seems like a win for all involved. They get to drive to church, likely park in a parking lot, and DC gets more residents, more tax payers, and more eyes on the street. Again, seems like a win win.

          • Lisa

            Yes your details may be correct but it is your sentiment upon which I’m commenting. “Excellent” and “one more church saw fit” etc. are loaded and dismissive. I’m sure you see it as a win, but if the church is the party in the other ‘win’ I don’t think you can speak for them. If ‘DC’ is the other party the ‘win’ is up for debate.

          • Accountering

            What sentiment? My sentiment is that a building that is used primarily once a week, and doesn’t pay taxes, will now be used 7 nights a week, giving people a place to live, work, play, and generate more tax revenue.
            The win for the church, who likely found that when looking at average distance travelled to church, they would be doing their members a favor by moving closer to them, in PG county.
            I don’t think there is any question that this is a win for DC. More residents, more retail, more tax payers, more productive use of the land, and more eyes on the street.

          • Lisa

            Your name says it all about how you process information. But it’s not all tangibles. It is a net loss for the city when more and more pieces of old DC are turned into really ugly condos or bars or whatever. A church has heart. The people in it have faith; who cares where they come from. Life and sometimes hard life. There is a lot more to things than meet your eye accountering. You can’t see things this way and I will not agree with your take on it so that’s it for me.

          • Many people would argue that as far as churches go this building was already really ugly.

      • Accountering

        Kicking them out eh? Sorry bud, that’s not how the world works. The church chose to close. They don’t have property taxes, so there is absolutely nothing that would force them to close in the least. I have actually no shame for my position whatsoever. If a church wants to move, and the land gets put to a more productive use as a result, than that is a win for all involved. They likely got a big cash pay-out for the building as well.

        • Lisa

          Not all things are about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

          • Anon

            Sure, unless you’re a landlord. ;-)

          • textdoc

            According to the CIty Paper article on the 2014 sale, it was the church that sold the property — not a landlord kicking them out in order to sell.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Speaking of less double parking, does anyone know if the big church at 1st and P stopped doing services? I have noticed that the neighborhood does not seem to be flooded by cars on Sunday any more.

      • AnonV2

        I’ll tell you where they are: parking in the Safeway garage at City Vista. I think they set up a valet program there or made some deal for parishioner parking. I made the mistake of grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago on Sunday morning and had to park on the second level and it took 15 minutes just to get through the exit gates; lots of confused drivers (parking garages aren’t that hard ….). I’ve never seen the first level even half full before.

    • textdoc

      For what it’s worth… the church property was sold in early 2014:
      At the time, the church’s selling agent said that the church was planning to move to Prince George’s County:
      … but I can’t find any information on a current location.

  • H St resident

    Nice. I’m excited for this. Looks like S2 is stepping up their game by incorporating commercial space into their projects. I was very impressed with the condos they built on 14th St NE, “The Jackson”.

    • HillEast

      hopefully they actually insulate the walls this time. A friend of mine bought a place in The Jackson and can easily hear every word of normal-volume conversations of her next door and upstairs neighbors.

      • textdoc

        What a shame. :(
        They don’t build ’em like they used to.

    • Thunder

      I hope that they don’t block the sidewalk for a year they did on 14th. By the way, the Jackson leaked during the first rainstorm.

  • Dognonymous

    Hey, family-size condos! Very cool. The placement is a little surprising; there’s a market for 3BR/2BR+den condos for families, but this is on top of one the busiest nightlife blocks in the city. Still, I bet they’ll fill up fast as long as they’ve got some good, thick windows.

    • Shawz

      Developers build these 9-unit buildings because once you hit 10 units you are subject to IZ requirements.

    • textdoc

      I wonder what the market is for 3-bedroom “luxury” condos… seems like it’d be smaller than for 1- and 2-bedroom ones.
      Also wondering what the size of the bedrooms will be.

      • Anon

        Roommates. As another poster mentioned, few families would likely choose this location.

        • Dognonymous

          I think there will still be enough families or people just wanting more space to fill 9 units. Buying a new-construction condo just to rent it out can’t rate that high on the investment-to-profit chart for would-be landlords.

          • textdoc

            Seems like the prices are likely to be REALLY high, though, given the prices of _smaller_ new-build condos in popular areas.
            And if the prices are sky-high, the appeal will probably be limited to DINKs who want a lot of space. Families — if they even have the money to buy at a sky-high price — are probably going to want to be on a less busy street, if not in a different neighborhood (like west of the Park, for better schools) completely.

          • Anon

            You’re likely correct in that there have to be at least 9 DC-area families who might want to live at this location (and overpay for the privilege), but I’d bet that there are many more rich kids whose parents would cover the cost on the premise that it’s a decent “investment”, as some other rich kids would pay for half+ of the mortgage. Check out the recent NYT article about this “trend”.

          • textdoc

            Anon — Is this the article you’re thinking of?

          • Anon

            Textdoc – that’s it! Applause on the Goog-fu

      • stacksp

        Not ideal for families at all. Expensive transitional housing for singles (non married), those shacking up, and those living with roommates.

    • Anony

      Ya, not exactly a “family friendly” location

  • stacksp

    My mother in law has friends that went to that church. I believe the lady also owns the Magic Fingers Salon further up H St. Sad to see a long standing institution go but I am sure they benefited ok financially and can find a suitable church site hopefully somewhere else in the district.

  • Sammy

    Does anyone know what the parking situation will be for these condos? Parking is getting worse and worse in this area…

  • Anon H St.

    Speaking of H st development, what’s up with the redevelopment of the H St connection mall? It doesn’t look like anything has happened since they kicked the tenants out in December. Why haven’t they started the demo? Money issues?

    • Based on who owns that property I would guess it’s stuck in the DC permit quagmire more than actual money issues.

  • When this property sold about 2 years ago for ~$2M I thought the purchasers were crazy, especially after it sat empty for so long after that, and they posted pleas looking for a cool restaurant to lease the space. But after talking to some H Street business owners last week after I spotted this I heard that they resold it for over $3M. Not a bad return for doing literally nothing to it.


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