• Sara

    Near 11&S NW (on 11th, I believe)

  • ATeel

    Over by 11th and S NW near the Shaw dog park.

  • lemeow

    It’s at the intersection of Vermont Ave NW and 11th Street NW.

  • Mike

    11th and S st.

    • callmeB

      What Mike said! Right across from bike share

  • mtpcatlover

    Close but not quite…Actually it’s on Vermont Ave–1733 Vermont Ave NW. I always love walking by it!

    • No, it’s not on Vermont — it’s where Vermont bangs into 11th and does that weird little jog to the north instead of directly crossing contiguously. Definitely an 11th Street address.

  • That Guy

    1700 block of 11th St. NW. Logan Circle neighborhood

  • Was gonna say Hampden, Baltimore.

  • houseintherear

    Aww love that weird little window! Good one, PoP.

  • anon

    I just want to thank the owners for that awesome bay window display. Makes me chuckle every time I walk past.

  • bruno

    Near the “inner-section” of 11th, S, and Vermont Ave, No’Fwest.

    • bruno

      Stone’s throw from The Coffee Bar (12th and S).

  • ally

    This guy fixes chandeliers..I’ve acutually been inside


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