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  • pleasant one

    Ooh I know this one! On Florida Ave NW, right before the shop formerly known as Blind Dog Cafe

  • jeezpf

    Florida Ave at Sherman. I guess this is U-Street? Not exactly sure the boundary.

  • GBinCH

    Funny story – I called the phone number once, our of curiosity, to see what they wanted for the place. I was talk that isn’t not for sale, but I could rent it!

  • Will

    9th Street just north of Duffy’s

  • Anonymous

    U St. area (not North Shaw) just north of Duffy’s. I believe on Sherman Ave

    • Anonymous

      On Florida Avenue. The 900 block

  • Anon

    I lived on that block for several years and tried many times to get DC to seize and auction the vacant/abandoned property. Alas, it is still there, exactly as I remember. A real estate agent acquaintance told me once that a lot of these abandoned properties are ‘owned’ by people who are deceased or incarcerated, complicating DC efforts to seize and auction these homes.

    • Anony

      Nice payout when you get out of the clank!

    • Lisa

      To “seize and auction” private property?? Let’s err on the side of mercy. The windows are boarded and the property looks secure. The property taxes are assumably being paid. Maybe it’s just on the owner’s back burner with them having more pressing matters to attend to. Life can get complicated. Anyway it’s not hard to find out the name of the owner of a property. Unless you have specific knowledge about the ownership situation and that the property is truly abandoned why push to take somebody’s property?

      • LongtimeResident

        It’s been at least 5 years like this.

      • Anon

        Last time I checked about two or three years ago when I was corresponding with the DC dept responsible for tracking vacants, someone owed fifty large in back taxes, fines, and/or fees on this property. Moreover, it’s been in that condition for at least a decade. No longer my problem though, thankfully.

      • mmm

        it does look secure, but it also looks blighted and vacant. Blighted and vacant properties are subject to a much higher tax rate (I believe 10% of the assessed value) and, unless I missed it, this property does not appear on the current blighted / vacant property list. This could be explained by the previous poster’s account that the property is available for rent because properties that are actively seeking occupants (for rent or for sale) are not subject to the higher tax rate. I’m making a lot of assumptions, but if that is the case, it’s another DC Gov’t failure as this house is clearly not in livable condition (and should thus be subject to the blighted tax rate).

        I actually just looked up the tax records and it looks like it paid the blighted rate from 2006-2014 but has not since, which is questionable. The mailing address of the owner is 958 Florida Ave (the next door neighbor).

        • 958

          @ mmm/Sherlock Holmes – I’m the owner/neighbor. After protracted litigation and legal maneuvering that my friends are tired of hearing about, I managed to acquire this bundle of joy in January of this year from an Estate that had been mismanaged for over a decade. I was able to get an interest in the property after I sustained mold damage from the property’s partially collapsed roof – shameless plug – I’m an attorney that does this type of work. Anyone with similar neighbor issues is welcome to contact me for advice. I am working to fix the roof, among other things, and will begin construction in the early summer (God willing). The people that posted the phone number on the property are home buyers with no interest in the property other than aspirations. My first order of business, after the roof and the nifty mailbox that my brother recently installed, will be to get rid of those signs.

          • anon

            Nice! Totally just curious (and probably nosy), but what are your plans for the property? Are you able to expand your home into it, or will it stay separate? I’ve heard secondhand that it can be a nightmare to combine addresses in DC.

          • Q

            [I love this website.]

    • 958

      @ anon – I’ve decided against the “double-wide” and opted for a pop-up instead. I know how everyone loves pop-ups. That said, it will hopefully be a tasteful mansard roof that matches the prevailing style of the existing homes. If anyone is interested, 958 will be for rent come (God willing) the late fall. Shameless plug.

      • enigm7a

        I used to live around the corner. Glad to see this property is finally going to get renovated! Any word on the property W st, right off of 10th street, 2nd from the corner…that too has been a eyesore.

        • 958

          In researching the Florida Ave. property I found that the same dude/Estate also owned, and lived in, the property on W. It’s a sad story. The W Street house has gone into tax sale a few times which really clouds the title. I think an investor took an interest in it back in 2013 but there has been nothing done at the property to date.


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