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  • Old guy

    Belmont Rd Adams Morgan.

  • AMDCer

    Yup – 1800 block of Belmont.

  • OP Anon

    The is some handsome masonry. They really don’t make them like this anymore (e.g., see yesterday’s popup-shed on Sherman Ave).
    What type of brick/masonry is this? Is it a particular style?

    • Planner

      I’ve always heard this called Pompeiian brick – it’s the color and the dimensions (longer and a little shorter than other bricks) that distinguish it.

      However, I’ve just spent a while googling it and cannot find anything to back that up, so don’t quote me. I spent some time working in preservation but it’s been a while and I may be off on this.

      In any case, it’s lovely isn’t it?


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