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  • MFP

    Why, that’s 16th btwn Q and Corcoran NW!

  • sproc

    That’s not the first display they’ve done, either. I believe they recently did both Christmas and Valentine’s Day (maybe Halloween as well?) like this too. It’s so bizarre to see these over the top displays of suburban schmaltz at such a stately house with a primo address. Anyone know the backstory?

  • 17thSter

    Yes, this house does Halloween too. These people are great. Between them and the Barbie pond, I love my neighborhood!

  • DCrat

    They also had one for St. Pat’s day also. My question is where do they store all the stuff?

  • say what

    We took a pic with our 3 year old here yesterday. They also had the most insane bubble machine I have ever seen. I figured it was a private residence but lots of people milling about in the front yard, maybe they were having a private party.

  • kd

    They are right across from my building. I have no idea if anyone even actually lives there or not. These decorations seem to appear overnight and then disappear as quickly as they came. I’ve never seen someone actually putting them out ha! They had a huge Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, St Pat’s, and Easter. They also put out a sparkling Eiffel Tower and a huge blue, white, and red light projection of the French flag when the terrorist attacks happened.

    • shaw

      It’s a very nice gay couple that owns it, and they do live there. I went to a fundraiser there once – the inside is even more impressive than the outside! And yes, they seem to decorate for almost every holiday out there – it’s great to drive down 16th and see the displays on the way into the city.

  • tstreetlady

    Love this place! Always a surprise!

  • Very nice place, Looks having a lot of fun !


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