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  • anon

    is there something that makes this better than peets/starbucks/whatever? i guess i just don’t get coffee obsession.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not coffee obsession. It’s “Oh wow another new business that I should be excited about is opening!” obsession. (The corollary is “Oh no another old business I never went to is closing!” Cf. Pasta Mia)

    • TJ

      It is easy to be better than Starbucks/Peets and other large chains – and that matters to many people who seek out great tasting coffee.
      The Philz scene on Saturday was a “soft” opening, with free coffee/grub, for a business with a reputation for making good coffee.
      I don’t know whether it is good enough to compete with the several excellent options DC has. The line was too long when we happened by.

  • d

    Popped in yesterday during the neighborhood soft opening. Very good coffee but the space is really, really small. Would be fine if everyone wanted their coffee to go, but judging from Tryst, Starbucks, Pleasant Pops, etc. people in the neighborhood like to linger over their coffee.

    • Anonymous

      I was off yesterday and happened to stumble upon the soft opening, complete with free drinks. I waited 5 minutes to order. That mint Mojito iced coffee is amazing (though maybe not $5.50 amazing).
      The place was already overrun by giant SUV-sized strollers.

      • FridayGirl

        I have been a fan of Philz since I had it in the Bay last year. I love the mint mojito — but I thought a small was $3.50 and a large was $4.50? I think that’s reasonable for a “specialty beverage.” You pay almost the same for a small iced coffee at Starbucks that isn’t hand made one at a time…

        • Anonymous

          AdMo Philz is $4.50 small/$5.50 large for the mint Mojito iced coffee. And, frankly, they put so much ice in the cup that I think it’s pretty pointless to get the small. That wouldn’t be much actual coffee.

          • FridayGirl

            Oh weird. When I went yesterday I could have sworn it said $3.50 on the menu. Maybe I’m dreaming. (Unless that was for the normal coffee…)
            Also maybe I’m a wimp but I’ve always gotten the small and have never quite finished it without feeling over-caffeinated. I guess it’s just a matter of preference.

          • FridayGirl

            Correction: I found a picture of the menu — I was thinking of the normal iced coffee. My bad. (I still stand by my opinion that this isn’t any cheaper than any other make-each-cup-by-hand coffee shop, but I get if people would prefer the Starbucks or McDonald’s across the street for a cheaper fix).

  • MoldieOldie

    whaaaaaa? This place is large. Not one huge open space like Tryst, but wildly bigger than PP and the Starbxxx. and that line was due to some promo ‘filming.’

    • FridayGirl

      Actually, the line was for the official soft opening — free pastries and coffee on a Saturday morning? Of course there’s going to be a line.

  • MoldieOldie

    the cookies, size of a 50 cent piece, are $2.25. crazy

    • DG

      Those were mini samples they were handing out today. Was told the normal pastries and cookies are much larger.

  • JM


    • jd

      Sheeple? Maybe. But to be fair, the weather is great and if you are there with your friends, it’s a low cost social activity.

  • thelastdragon

    Coffee and pastries were free today

  • whovous

    The unerring herd instinct of the human animal.

    • Stink Eye

      probably has more to do with the fact that we live in a city with hundreds of thousand of other people. When something awesome is happening, there is a high probability that other people will want to take part. Often a line forms because we live in a society where we, more often than not, respect other people who arrived there first. Add in that it was a beautiful day and standing outside was quite in enjoyable.

      • DC Foodie

        True that

      • You’re wrong. If you do anything that other people enjoy it’s simply because you cannot think for yourself. This is always true in every case, for example providing predictable internet comments about lines.

        • wdc

          Correction: If you wait for an hour to do something that other people enjoy when you could do that exact thing (get coffee) at any one of a hundred other places within walking distance, it’s probably because you can’t think for yourself.
          This is why people mock millennials.

          • Or you just like free things in a city that’s excessively expensive.

          • FridayGirl

            I support Justin here. I was thinking for myself *precisely because* I love Philz and have been waiting for *months* for them to open because I am a big fan. Plus, it was free. (Also, it didn’t take me an hour — it moved really quick and I was in and out in slightly under 20 minutes. But that’s besides the point.)
            I don’t understand the assumption on PoPville that “things a lot of people like” = “people can’t think for themselves.” It’s okay to like things others like. I’m not going to not drink free Philz even though I like it just because other people also like it. THAT is dumb.

          • jd

            A real free thinker hangs out solo at an otherwise empty science club smugly thinking about how much cooler they are than everyone else in this cookie cutter city. and yes it’s true, millenials are the first humans ever to wait in line for something new.

          • wdc

            You’re being deliberately obtuse. Probably because of the defensiveness. It’s COFFEE. It’s not antioxidant-enriched unicorn sweat. It’s a product that is maybe a little better, maybe a little worse at every. single. cafe in the city.
            The only way *this* coffee is different is that it’s a brand you associate with being different and cool and from somewhere else that has to be cooler than here because isn’t everywhere? and that all your friends are here.

          • FridayGirl

            “The only way *this* coffee is different is that it’s a brand you associate with being different and cool and from somewhere else that has to be cooler than here because isn’t everywhere? and that all your friends are here.”
            Actually, I went alone. And I used to live in California (spent time in both LA and SF where the other Philz locations are). So for me, it’s a cafe of good memories. And it has literally nothing to do with being trendy in DC.

          • Stink Eye

            or their coffee is just really really good…

  • Anonymous

    Went there today and the coffee was good and the service was — dare I say — enjoyable. But then Phil was there. I’ll check back when the suit is not on site and see what happens.

    • annonny

      Amazing that in this day and age a large business owner like Phil actually bothers to show up for his store opening. Good on him!!!

  • A

    I would kill for a Philz in Parkwy Place above the Petworth metro. They’d crush it too.


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