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  • Anonymous

    Fully upgraded, including a kitchen sink, but no kitchen faucet.

    • Kingman Park

      I suppose you want running water too? Picky…

  • marybindc

    It’s just the *basement*, yes? Whoever took those pictures really doesn’t care if the thing rents. I think I could just light $1850 on fire and enjoy it more than what I see from those pics.

    • B

      I lived in this apartment until 2012 while I was a broke intern/entry level person and yes, it is just the basement. It does not look like much of an “upgrade” was done aside from replacing the outdated kitchen with new cabinets and appliances that still look outdated.

      Just posting to warn anyone interested:
      – A zillion flies get into the second bedroom because the house is next to the alley with the Kenny’s BBQ dumpster. You will never want to open the window (and we had to tape plastic over the window to avoid letting flies into the house).
      – There are mold/water damage problems in the other bedroom and in the bathroom. If they were “fixed”, I bet it was just a quick fix and not a fix to the root of the problem.
      – There are roaches (probably due to being next to the dumpster).
      – You can hear everything from upstairs.
      – If you have a dog, I hope you have an eagle eye for spotting chicken bones because it’s catty corner from 7-11.

      That being said, it fit the bill for being affordable and in a good location while I was a poor college grad in DC.

      • ems

        And I lived in the first floor unit of this building in 2001. The downstairs neighbors cooked over an open fire in the backyard and once hung a dead deer from the tree back there. Fun times!


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