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“The Results Gym on Capitol Hill closed at midnight. Worst day ever.” Reopening Thursday 5am

by Prince Of Petworth March 16, 2016 at 10:25 am 22 Comments

315 G Street, SE

Update from the Hill East listserv:

“FYI – I called today to see if I could get more information. Their automated voice message confirms a Thursday 3/17 opening at 5 AM.”

Ed. Note: I called to – they’ll close at 11pm. Anyone know who the new peeps are?

Justin writes:

“The Results Gym on Capitol Hill closed at midnight today. Worst day ever.”

Another reader emails:

“The end of an era. I am so saddened that Results is closing, any leads on new management?”

From Results:

During the past six months, Results Gym has faced growing economic challenges to its continued operations including extreme pressures arising out of the uneconomic lease for its space on G Street. While management has worked diligently to address those challenges, it was unable to obtain terms from its landlord that would permit it to continue operating and the landlord has proceeded with eviction.

In light of this, we regret to inform you that Results Gym will discontinue operations effective March 15, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. At present, we do not know how Results Gym’s remaining assets will be allocated between its secured and unsecured creditors. As that process plays out, we hope to provide you with additional information.

Capitol Hill Corner reports:

“A post-midnight trip to Results revealed that a sign had been posted by “a neighbor” that the gym would re-open on Thursday under new management. That claim has not yet been confirmed.”

Stay tuned…


    DC Courts can shed a little light here:


    And search company Peak Performance V.

    It appears the US Marshall service was getting ready to evict.

  • ShawShank

    I just got a forwarded message from the squash pro:

    Hi Christopher ,

    As of today, Results Gym DC (RGDC) Assumed the management of Results the Gym. Please know that the Club will be open on the regular schedule (The club will reopen tomorrow Thursday at 5:00 am), and the change in management will not affect your membership privileges in any way. We will honor all membership commitments made by the previous management, and we will deliver excellent quality of service during the transition.

    While there will be continuity in the staff and programs, our greater priority is member experience, so you will soon see improvements in the club, including new equipment and better value for membership. RGDC directors have over 50 years of experience operating first class clubs in the Washington area, and we are excited to bring our vision to Capitol Hill.

    Please contact us at 202-234-5678 or [email protected] with your feedback, questions, and ideas for how we can best serve you.


    Cwi Steiman
    Managing Partner.

  • Worst. Day. Ever.

    Truly, the Worst. Day. Ever.

    Pay yo bills.

  • John

    I don’t see what else can take over that space unless they knock it down and build condos. There’s no other gym like it nearby and it’s the only facility with squash courts in the Capitol Hill area.

    I really hope that new management comes in and takes it over. My understanding is that it hasn’t been too well run for a little while, and they brought in some sort of outside gym consultant 6 months or so ago to help it restructure.

    • Linc Park SE

      There is a HUGE Vida about 1/3 a mile away that is nicer (IMO) and newer – minus the squash court but plus a pool.

      Is squash that popular ?

      • Hill Denizen

        The Vida isn’t super far from this gym, but I think many of Results’ customers come from further north and east, so that extra 1/3 of a mile would make it too far for a lot of them. Plus unless you live in SE (and want to make that walk at night) or the Circulator is running, Navy Yard isn’t super accessible from the Hill. I think the old Washington Sports Club, now Balance, would probably be a more attractive alternative.

        • anon

          Balance is essentially same gym as WSC. Equally unimpressive

  • Survivor77

    Just got an email informing me that Results DC Reopening with the same text as reported by ShawShank. Hope they can keep up to their word.

  • dcd

    Translation: “We signed a lease, but badly miscalculated the revenue and/or expense of running this gym. As a result, we can’t satisfy our contractual obligations. We would, however, like to shift the blame to the landlord for the failure of our business model, so here’s our attempt to do that.”

    • wowtdc

      They did that when they closed the gym in City Vista (now a VIDA). Said it was because of taxes and because the neighborhood just wasn’t “there” yet.

  • If you think a gym closing represents the worst day ever wait til President Trump puts you on a forced onion ring diet.

    • dcd

      And here I thought the Justin referenced in the initial post was you . . .

      • Most definitely not, I completely skimmed past that part.

  • anon

    I have been a member and regular user of this gym since it first opened many years ago, and the past year it has really gone down the toilet. I stayed because it’s only a block from my home and from just general inertia, but even with new management I think it’s time to move on. Not sure if they will continue their outrageous monthly fees but if so they will continue to lose customers to better and cheaper options nearby.

    • anon

      Better is an easy one, but how many nearby gyms are really cheaper? Maybe Balance but it’s not priced so great either

  • TropicBird

    I am kind of worried about Capitol Movement, the dance company that runs out of there, they teach kids hip hop on Fridays and they have a performance company and a kid’s company,

  • jeffb

    Can anyone with the requisite legal/real estate/business knowledge explain how changing the management through what seems like a simple paper shuffle takes care of a pending eviction? Any way this can be a long-term solution?

    • anon

      I didn’t get that either. “Results Gym” now “RGDC” what on earth does that mean?

      • JoDa

        The new entity agreed to assume the lease, assets, and debts of the existing one, and paid off whatever was owed to the point of keeping it running (if assets exceeded debt, also made/promised to make payment for the balance of those assets, though it does not sound like the assets exceeded the debts). The building owner agreed to these terms and called off the Marshals.
        May or may not be a long-term solution. If the previous business wasn’t profitable, something will have to change to make it so. Could be more efficient operation, could be attempts to increase revenue, or some combination thereof. It’s good PR and an excellent customer retention strategy to honor existing contracts with members, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those contracts changed down the line/for new members.

  • Property Manager DC

    If, with terms of the sale, the Landlord was paid in full, it would stave off the pending eviction.

  • Results Neighbor

    The building owners are the new gym management so that probably facilitated the process a lot in terms of transferring ownership. I met them yesterday and they seem really set on turning things around and providing much better customer service.

    • jeffb

      Interesting. I liked the management a lot actually. They always treated me well and I’ve never heard bad stories about them like I have about Vida.


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