Washington, DC

315 G Street, SE

Update from the Hill East listserv:

“FYI – I called today to see if I could get more information. Their automated voice message confirms a Thursday 3/17 opening at 5 AM.”

Ed. Note: I called to – they’ll close at 11pm. Anyone know who the new peeps are?

Justin writes:

“The Results Gym on Capitol Hill closed at midnight today. Worst day ever.”

Another reader emails:

“The end of an era. I am so saddened that Results is closing, any leads on new management?”

From Results:

During the past six months, Results Gym has faced growing economic challenges to its continued operations including extreme pressures arising out of the uneconomic lease for its space on G Street. While management has worked diligently to address those challenges, it was unable to obtain terms from its landlord that would permit it to continue operating and the landlord has proceeded with eviction.

In light of this, we regret to inform you that Results Gym will discontinue operations effective March 15, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. At present, we do not know how Results Gym’s remaining assets will be allocated between its secured and unsecured creditors. As that process plays out, we hope to provide you with additional information.

Capitol Hill Corner reports:

“A post-midnight trip to Results revealed that a sign had been posted by “a neighbor” that the gym would re-open on Thursday under new management. That claim has not yet been confirmed.”

Stay tuned…


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