“The old Labamba Sub shop at corner of Georgia and Euclid is being renovated into a bar with a rooftop deck”

by Prince Of Petworth March 22, 2016 at 10:35 am 12 Comments


A short and sweet email:

“The old Labamba Sub shop at corner of Georgia and Euclid st NW is being renovated into a bar with a rooftop deck.”

Updates when we learn more/as construction (finally) progresses.

Georgia and Euclid Street, NW

  • Barijho

    1. This is great news.
    2. Chances they get their license on time?
    3. I hope this doesn’t go the way of the Hilltop and get a ton of delays.

    • rob

      Not every new joint opening up has a venture-capital–Jose-Andres-esque teams behind, setting really crazy expectations for new bar openings. Yea, I agree Hilltop been slow, which is confusing cause rent can’t be that cheap there!

  • MRD

    GREAT location for a bar with rooftop deck. But I’ve known this corner since the late 80s and I think it’s cursed.

  • Tubebaum

    Sick! I’ve seen construction workers here for a little over a month now. Fingers crossed for $1 Strohs.

  • Kent

    There goes the neighborhood…

  • anon

    shocked it took this long to get something in there. Then again, peaking into the space before any construction happened basically showed a shell of a building. I dont even think they had floors in there. it was kind of like a big pit.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I hope the sign for the new place somehow pays homage to the folk art typography of the old sign.

  • pleasant

    Not to be a debbie downer, but I spoke to the owner who supervises the construction on the weekends. He’s not even sure whether he’d rent the place or open a place himself. Don’t get your hopes up, folks. Just be glad the eyesore is going away.

  • Anonymous

    I am in this area regularly and every time I go by this spot I think, ‘this would be great place for a restaurant with a rooftop bar and seating.’ I am sure other have thought the same. I even let myself fantasize about being the one to do it. This is corny but I thought I could be the one who opened a fun little place where Banneker students could grab a quick bite after school, HU students could lounge with coffee and new comers could grab a beer. Hopefully I will one day watch the Homecoming parade from the roof, it’s a great spot and it would mean a lot to this stretch of GA Ave.

    • Labamba Bison

      As a local and a Howard grad, I have mixed emotions about this. I’m all for improvement, but do we really need ANOTHER bar with a rooftop deck in DC??

      • Anonymous

        The city may not but it would mean a lot to this stretch of GA Avenue. I’m a Howard Grad too and I always had to go elsewhere for a nice place to hang out. I would love for someone (a Howard Grad maybe, Miles Gray of Smith Public Trust?) to open a nice place here that I could support but also a place that anyone could enjoy. I know it is close to many places on U Street but that is no longer my scene, this location as a low key option would be nice.

      • Anonymous

        That’s sacrilege! It’s like asking whether we really need another beer garden . . . or fancy burger or pizza place . . . or luxury rental building.


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