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  • Aaron K

    All this BS going on in the neighborhood but it still ranks as the best place IN THE USA to flip a house…blows my mind

    • Tony

      Super profitable flipping usually doesn’t happen in lower crime areas.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe this is also happening to drive prices in that local flip market down a little lower?

        • Quincy dude

          You’re implying that someone is stabbing people to drive down prices? I know the market is tough but that’s an extreme strategy.

          • That would make for interesting HGTV…

          • samanda_bynes

            the hero we deserve

    • pstreet202

      people are throwing down 700 grand to live in “hot and trendy” Trinidad. I just don’t see the appeal of these areas other than the historic charm of the house. An area like say Brightwood or Trinidad are not particularly convenient, the commuting time isn’t that great. Plus there are very few real conveniences nearby so you end up driving a lot. This is in addition to crime concerns.

      Obviously I don’t know what I’m talking about because clearly there is a demand and people are willing to shell out some real loot to live there.

      • anon

        the appeal is it is the only place to find housing that cheap if you want to buy a place that has a reasonable amount of space.

      • Tony

        I agree with your point about Brightwood and Trinidad, but Petworth isn’t in those categories.

      • Anonymous

        Prices are dependent on credit availability. People are just bidding up anything they can get approved for. It’s bananas. Trinidad is a legit craphole, bar none.

      • uh

        You would have to pay me 700 grand to live in Trinidad.

    • dat

      Ehh, the area around the Petworth metro has been pretty quiet recently (until today, at least) compared to years past.

    • huh

      how many other places in dc can you buy a nice-sized house for less than $700,000? there aren’t that many other neighborhoods.

  • General Grant Circle

    I am going to guess based off the time and location this was a school-related incident

    • QuincySt

      I was sitting in front of my street facing window when this happened. I heard a bunch of yelling at the end of the block and then a young guy sprinted down Quincy St. yelling “help me” and screaming. He already had 911 on the phone. He found a door to door insurance salesman on someone’s porch, handed the phone to him, immediately calmed down and sat on the porch steps. The salesman gave directions to 911 and seemed rather unconcerned. A fire truck showed up 90 seconds later and the first responders talked to the guy. At some point he seemed to not like what they were saying, stood up and walked away. They followed him around the corner and that was the last I saw.

  • miguelDC

    pstreet202 – we can’t all live on wonderful p street like yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the neighborhood pharmacy house is back in full effect… Let’s see what Lanier does this time… *crickets*

    • Anony

      It’s all crickets, all the time from MPD.

  • stacksp

    I actually like Brightwood, Trinidad not so much, for the reasons that pstreet202 doesn’t like it. Not big on metro and public transportation so I prefer areas that have detached larger homes with rear parking as I drive everywhere. Just being in the city is convenient enough. Brightwood fits the bill as does Takoma and Brookland.


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