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Slim’s Diner opening “in early April”

by Prince Of Petworth March 1, 2016 at 7:45 am 14 Comments

4201 Georgia Ave NW at Upshur Street

Perhaps this’ll soften the sting of the Crane & Turtle news – Slim’s Diner is hiring a General Manager:

“Slim’s Diner is a new Diner coming to the Petworth neighborhood in early April. Slim’s Diner is a traditional diner open early to late, serving breakfast all day long. Our in-house baker will produce pies, cakes, biscuits, brownies, doughnuts and much more.

We are seeking a General Manager to lead our team in the opening of Washington’s next great neighborhood spot.

Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Thursday: 7am to Midnight
Friday & Saturday: 7am to 2am”

  • Curious George

    Great! I’ll still miss Crane and Turtle for nicer occasions though.

  • Anonymou

    Ill miss Crane & Turtle as well — especially when I want something more upscale than diner food. Im very much looking forward to Slim’s though. I gotta admit, I was hoping for more curb appeal, but perhaps they aren’t don’t sprucing the building up yet. Hope the food is good!

  • Teddy

    I will believe it when I see it. Any one know the reason why it was delayed so much? Was it just overly ambitious plans, DC Bureaucratic holdup, or constructions delays. They initially planned on opening in July 2015. Makes me worried about what is keeping small businesses from getting up and running. The new Homestead bar just down Georgia was making grand plans for a late December 2015 opening and still have not announced an opening date.

    • Anon

      I would put my money on DCRA.

    • Anon

      assuming it had to do with permits and inspections. was it a restaurant space prior to Slim’s? I dont think so but not entirely sure. Restaurant build outs are large undertakings. I also think Rupert redid the upstairs (maybe?) to make it his business office.

  • Wobber


  • Ian

    The Empire State Building was completed in about 9 months. DCRA is to almost always the reason for construction holdups.

  • pstreet202

    This is great news. What kind of city doesn’t have regular diners close by? It doesn’t have to all be trendy small plate chef driven…If it’s good, this seems like a place everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy.

  • MsSunshine

    WooHoo! Did they ever announce the wonner of the hash browns vs. homes fries poll?

    • MsSunshine

      winner not wonner…

  • Dan

    Did anyone here put down the $10,000 for a minority ownership stake? I forget how it worked, but maybe they would pay you back your $10,000 within 5 years, then give a percentage of profits from there forward. I reviewed the documentation and concluded that it would be more of a way to support the neighborhood than a money-making investment. Take people to brunch and claim to own the place, etc.

    Had about that much $$ sitting in a single stock that I could have cashed out. Stock lost value. Now, I see the upside to investing in Slim’s was really to avoid losing one’s behind in the stock market.

    I’m curious whether there’s any significant frustration among those who plunked down $10k and haven’t seen anything come of it yet.

    • C

      That’s what I did sold stock in Alibaba at the high made some money and put 10k into Slim’s. I’m glad I sold Alibaba because it has taking a beating but I’m growing a little restless. I knew it would take time but it’s been a year since giving them that money. It’s been delay after delay and seeing C & T is closing its got me a worried. Yes I know restaurants are risky business. I hope it opens soon

      • Dan.

        Funny, I was holding a stock in that same industry. Amazing. Mine dropped 50%. The 50% I still have is certainly tied up–I’m not selling at the bottom!

        I really really really wanted to have a diner a few blocks from my house that I could claim to “own.” They offered a sweet discount for investors, too. Not a billion dollars, but enough so you could splurge on that extra side of bacon and come away pretty cheap.

        Thanks so much for your reply!

        • Confused in Upshur

          I thought people in the neighborhood couldn’t afford Crane and now we are talking investors and traders? (insert upside down emoji)


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