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Shooting just before 10:30pm Saturday Night near Meridian Hill Park

by Prince Of Petworth March 6, 2016 at 6:42 am 15 Comments


From MPD:

“Alert: Shooting at 2220 hrs 1600 Euclid St. NW. No lookout”

Sidenote – for those who inquired about the helicopter further north on 16th:

“In reference to the police activity and the helicopter circling in the vicinity of 16th & Kennedy Streets, NW, MPD units and U.S. Park Police’s helicopter are currently canvassing for a suspect who bailed out of a stolen vehicle.”

  • jv

    From 3 blocks away, it sounded like 6 shots fired rapidly by on gun and maybe two shots by a second gun.

  • anon

    Anyone know what happened on Kenyon between Park Pl and Warder last night? Street was closed, lots of emergency responders around 5:30 or 6.

  • Euclidian

    The police had three men in cuffs outside the entrance of The Ritz (1631 Euclid) last night around 10:45pm. I hope those were the same guys involved.

  • Missy

    Was this related to the shooting at Columbia and Motzart? I got home around midnight last night and there were 4 cop cars outside Joseph’s House & Mozart was tapped off as a crime scene. I saw a lot of evidence markers by the bus stop…

    • Nathan

      Thanks for asking this. I live right near that intersection and heard a number of shots right around 10:20 or so. Saw the MPD tweet about the shooting at Euclid, but thought it sounded WAY closer than 3 blocks away. But besides your post, I haven’t been able to find any more info on Columbia.

      • vk

        Something definitely went down here. My car is sitting in a forensic lab to have a bullet removed.

        • textdoc


      • FridayGirl

        On NBC Washington this morning they said there were reports that the victim was shot on Columbia Road but was found at 16th and Euclid. Not sure how valid that is — haven’t seen anything further.

  • JM

    What’s really sad/funny is that Lanier was quoted on WAMU last week as saying that the homicide crisis was receding and “…right now we are back down in the area of what were normal — the lower normal — homicide trends we had prior to the spike in homicides last year,”

    In fact the MPDC Crime Stats show that compared to this time last year violent crime is up 26%, robberies are up 40%, and homicides are up 13%.

    • Anonymous

      Plus it’s been during the cold months! The fact homicides and robberies are up this much when it’s cole, imagine how it will be this spring and summer.

  • DCperson

    I want to know why there were so many teenagers out there? There was at least 50 of them in the area. Was there some type of event?

  • spookiness

    Aah, Euclid. Some things never change.

    • former 16th & Euclid-er


  • stacksp
    • Anonymous

      Well there you go…


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