Sumo-Sized Sunday in Shaw Sunday April 3rd. SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY

by Prince Of Petworth March 25, 2016 at 11:50 am 29 Comments


From a press release:


Professional Sumo Wrestlers, and More Available to Public on Sunday, April 3

WHAT: The Shay and Atlantic Plumbing are gearing up to welcome three world sumo wrestling champions – Yama, Byamba, and Takeshi – for Sumo-Sized Sunday. Open to the public, Sumo-Sized Sunday will offer attendees the chance to not only watch these world-renowned wrestlers engage in some friendly competition, but also try their hand at taking down one of these classically trained fighters. Photo opportunities will be available for those looking for a fun keepsake.


· Byamba, 6’1″, 370 lbs, 4-time World Sumo Champion, 5 years Pro Sumo experience

· Yama, 6’4″, 600 lbs, 2-time World Sumo Champion, 3 years Pro Sumo experience, Heaviest Japanese human being in HISTORY!

· Takeshi, 5’8″, 220 lbs, multi-time University Sumo Champion, #1 sumo university in Japan

WHEN: Sunday, April 3, 2016
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

WHERE: The Adjacent lot Located at 945 Florida Ave NW”

  • Philippe Lecheval

    The heaviest Japanese human being in history only weighs 600 pounds??? I realize that the Japanese people as a race are generally petite, but this is hard to believe.

    • Charles

      Yamamotoyama is the heaviest recorded Japanese-born sumo wrestler. He was forced to retire after he were found to have been involved in match fixing. Takeshi, too, if it’s the same Takeshi from that scandal. That’s why they’re doing this event–they disgraced the sport in Japan.

      • victoria

        Where else but PoPville do we get (and sort of expect!) an expert on Sumo wrestling to chime in half-hour after the post! I love it.

        • Emmaleigh504


      • This is Awkward

        Damn you and your knowledge, now this event is colored with sumo-sized disgrace in my eyes. (I’ll probably still enjoy it, though)

  • Kevin

    There still is no such thing as “North End Shaw.”

    • Shaw

      Same goes for “DMV”. That’s not a proper name for a region; it’s a quagmire of bureaucracy bullshit where you get a drivers license or tags for your car after waiting for at least two hours.
      Stop trying to make DMV happen. It’s not going to happen. Same with “north end shaw”. That’s not a thing. Stop it.

      • victoria

        Sorry – DMV has been around for – like – ever. OK, often it’s “Delmarva” and more focused on Chesapeake Bay regions, but seriously, you can give this one a rest.

        • Shaw

          Delmarva has been around for decades, and does describe the entire Bay region. Delmarva is okay. Nobody with any self respect who has lived here for more than ten years would ever use “DMV”, though. “DMV” was invented a few years ago by suburbanites who just moved here and desperately wanted to sound cool. Those of us who grew up here or have lived here for most of our lives laugh at people who say “DMV”. It’s as much of a giveaway that you’re not from here as a fanny pack is that you’re a tourist.

          • victoria

            Oooh La La – Aren’t you special!

        • Anonymous

          The “D” in DMV stands for DC, not Delaware, so DMV and Delmarva do not refer to the same thing. I have heard Delmarva since I was a kid in the area, DMV I have only heard in the last 10 years.

      • wdc

        Already happened, dude. Are you mad about kids and all their darn texting, too?

      • North Dupont/ West U St

        you tell ’em missy.

        Whats wrong with DMV? I like it as a unifier to bring people from the three close areas together

        • skj84

          I like “The DMV”. It’s cheeky. And I feel like i’ve heard people use it since I moved here 11 years ago.

          • Emmaleigh504

            def always *The* DMV.

      • Anonymous

        I thought “DMV” as a descriptor of the region was a word from African-American vernacular? It only made the jump to white folks in recent years thanks to the Internet and text-speak.

        • Skeeter

          I dont get all the hostility from calling the region the DMV, that’s like people in San Francisco getting mad over calling the region the “Bay Area” and like you said in the AA community it’s been around for awhile and they even use that term frequently on local black radio stations.

          • textdoc

            I prefer “the D.C. area” over “the DMV.” No possible confusion with the place that deals with drivers’ licenses, and more precise — large portions of Maryland and Virginia are far enough away from D.C. that they wouldn’t really qualify as being in the D.C. area.

        • Dc anon

          Agreed. I grew up here and remember this term from the early to mid 90s when I was a kid. Black folks have been calling it the DMV for at least 20 years.

  • This is Awkward

    So excited for this.

  • I’m a little worried what that 600-lb guy is gonna do to that 220-lb lightweight!

    • cam

      Having watched sumo in Japan, I quickly learned it’s not always the biggest guy who wins!

  • eggs

    Show of hands who else heard “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY” in the booming announcer voice that’s used for monster truck rallies and gun shows?

    • That One Guy

      I heard, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” Echo in my head.

    • skj84


      • eggs


    • annonny


  • That One Guy

    Also, when they say people are able to participate does this mean people wearing the big inflatable sumo suits? Because that’s what I picture in my mind.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    This is the same day as Wrestle Mania 32. Anyone know of any pubs or bars showing the WM32?


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