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Mark It – Millie & Al’s Last Day is April 7th

by Prince Of Petworth March 24, 2016 at 11:25 am 20 Comments

2440 18th Street, NW

Last week we reported that Millie and Al’s had begun to sell off their mementos. Today the Washington Business Journal reports:

“On April 7, Millie & Al’s will open early, at 4 p.m., and celebrate to the wee hours before locking the doors of 2440 18th St. NW one last time.”

And the new owner is according to the report: “David Mazza, a co-founder of Taylor Gourmet.”

Updates when we learn more about Mazza’s plans for the space.

  • CoHi

    I am so very sad about this because (1) Millie was my grandmother’s name and her father’s name was Al, so I always credit this bar with unknowingly honoring my beloved relatives (which of course always made me smile); and (2) having moved a few blocks away less than a year ago, my friends and I only recently began treating M&A’s as one of our regular haunts. I will miss it very much.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I was no big fan of Millie & Al’s, but another Taylor Gourmet? Ugh.

    • John

      From the Business Journal article, it doesn’t seem it’ll be a Taylor Gourmet.

      “That said, a public document search confirms that 2440 18th LLC was registered with the District on March 7 to David Mazza, a co-founder of Taylor Gourmet. But we’re told this impending purchase has no connection to the growing hoagie chain, as Mazza stepped away from Taylor Gourmet in 2015. It is unclear what Mazza has planned for the space, but a new restaurant is obviously a good bet.”

      • Philippe Lecheval

        Hmmm, maybe something else Philadelphia-themed, that just so happens to be named after some bloodthirsty, third world dictator?

        • samanda_bynes

          wtf this mean

  • ST21

    Damn. That’s a bummer.

    18th Street is funny, man. I do like that some of the old spots have been upgraded recently and it’s looking like that block and Adams Morgan in general will have a revival. Millie & Al’s was one of the good ones though, and a classic so I wish it was staying.

    Bars that need to go there:
    Shenanigans- Place changes its name every 6 months I feel. Such a cookie cutter bar.
    Brass Monkey- Sorry but it just sucks in there.
    Black Squirrel- I know they have their following but I personally don’t see the appeal.
    Dan’s Café- Obligatory to go in there once and do the water bottle thing. Let’s be honest tho- It sucks.

    Madame’s Organ is a staple but it wouldn’t kill me to see them go. I’m neutral on that one.
    Mellow Mushroom is still a solid spot.
    Johnny Pistolas is solid.
    Ventnor is what it is. Gotta have a place like that.
    Roofers Union and the wine bar below did a nice job upgrade from REEF.
    Tryst and The Diner are both cool places.
    Perry’s and Mintwood are great.

    I’m just babbling at this point. PEACE

    • de vinos

      Lets be honest, you suck if you think Brass Monkey and Dan’s suck

      • ST21

        Nah, I’m pretty chill. I’m all for dive bars but Dan’s Café literally smells like piss and vomit. You can be a dive bar without being a dump…

        Maybe I was a little too harsh on Brass Monkey. Haven’t been there in years.

        • Philippe Lecheval

          I’ve never been to Brass Monkey but I’m with ya on Dan’s. It’s a novelty at best. If you’re a regular there, then you have something wrong with you.

          • hmm

            Also the male to female age ratio is just creepy. All 22 year old girls with a bunch of creepy 30 year oldish men.

    • BethPopville

      I was with you until you said you wouldn’t mind seeing Madame’s Organ go, but you really lost me when you said Johnny Pistolas is solid. Or did you mean solidly horrible? :) Snark aside, I totally agree that it’s a interesting transition in the neighborhood, and there are a lot of places I would trade for Milly & Al’s!

    • Anonymous

      Blasphemy! Madams Organ and black squirrel are two of the best bars in the city!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve live in the middle of the 18th Street madness and I agree with most of your assessments overall.
      I think you give Black Squirrel too little credit. They got a great roster of rotating taps and they are basically the best beer bar in Adams Morgan.
      Libertine is a fantastic local gem – great french-creole food and tons of absinthe options.

      • Jamal

        shhhhh… don’t mention Libertine

    • Dan

      Black Squirrel was one of very few places open Christmas Day. I think it was the only bar in Adams Morgan open. A great bar is open EVERY DAY. I hope Black Squirrel never closes.

      • The Other Jason

        Also open on T-giving and had a good size crowd.

      • skj84

        Same. I did my 30th Birthday there. They were really welcoming and allow you to rent the upstairs space for free. Solid beer lists, and I love the Women and Beer events they host.

  • victoria

    Transgressed aplenty, and delightfully so at Millie and Als. Hate to see it go. And for all you whiners about cookie-cutter blah blah – Madam’s Organ remains the best bar in the city.

  • RedRum

    I”m somewhat (2 years) new to Adams Morgan but also live in the middle of the 18th street madness. Can someone explain to me how all the hookah supply stores and unsanitary-looking bodegas stay in business while Millie & Al’s leaves? That’s who I would love to see shutter.

    • NKM

      I’ve always wondered if a number of those places could be front companies. There are some storefronts I absolutely never see anyone in. It’s hard to imagine how they pay the rent on a relatively pricey strip.


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