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“Key investments in the FY 2017 Budget”

by Prince Of Petworth March 24, 2016 at 4:00 pm 12 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Ted Eytan

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser presented the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget and Financial Plan, entitled “A Fair Shot,” to the DC Council.  This is the District’s 21st consecutive balanced budget and makes key investments in education, affordable housing, transportation, infrastructure, public safety, job training and employment services that give residents a fair shot at a pathway to the middle class.

These investments are key priorities as identified by District residents at the Mayor’s public engagement forums, which were held during the budget formulation process.

“In a city as prosperous as ours, every resident deserves a fair shot – no matter who you are, or what ward you live in,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser. “The Fair Shot Budget is geared toward making life better for Washingtonians today, as we prepare for a strong, healthy and prosperous future.”

Key investments in the FY 2017 Budget:

  • $100 million to the Housing Production Trust Fund, to continue the District’s record-setting production and preservation of affordable housing
  • An additional $220 million dollars for full modernizations of DCPS schools in FY 17 & 18, to ensure that school modernization is equitable and done right
  • $12 million for the Fire & Emergency Medical Services Third Party Ambulance Initiative(as part of EMS reform), which will put more ambulances out on the streets during peak times
  • $2.5 million to the Office of United Communications for additional training, call takers and dispatchers (also as part of EMS reform)
  • $75 million enhancement for schools (to account for enhanced programming, and a student enrollment increase)
  • $10 million to delay the TANF “cliff”
  • $5.9 million for DC Corrections Reform, to better support returning citizens
  • $4.8 million for full funding of the Mayor Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program, for more than 12,000 14-21 year olds and 1,000 22-24 year olds

For more information on the Budget, visit mayor.dc.gov/FairShot.”

  • jcm

    But sadly not enough to purchase the land we’re going to build homeless shelters on. Instead, we’ll lease it an exorbitant rates from friendly developers for the next 30 years. Great plan.

  • Linc Park SE

    I’d like to know exactly how $6 million is going to be used for Reform. Sounds like another pocket-lining project. I’d really like to see an audit of the DOC. The vents in the jail or full of gunk!

  • anon

    Buried in the budget powerpoint on the web site:

    “$416 million for Streetcars and Circulator.”

    Intriguing. Is this something new?

  • Eric

    “$4.8 million for full funding of the Mayor Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program, for more than 12,000 14-21 year olds and 1,000 22-24 year olds”

    The same program that’s rife with inefficiency and corruption.

  • JohnH

    Nothing about crime/rapidly shrinking police force?

    • MMMkay

      This list of 8 bullet points actually doesn’t cover the entire budget. It’s just a summary. I’m sure there’s plenty left out.

      • JohnH

        I would have perhaps filed it under one of the “Key Investments”…

  • guest11

    subtitled, “And giveaways to donors”

  • k

    Higher taxes are needed in order to improve services.


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