• lemeow

    Is this “art” or a functioning fridge? I think I see the electrical cord is disconnected to any power source in the second image.

    Also, what’s to prevent anyone from tampering with the yogurt snacks and putting them back in the fridge for an unsuspecting person?

    • ZetteZelle

      Nothing’s to prevent someone tampering & putting back, but common sense is what would prevent someone from eating something tampered with. (Or anything that was left for free by the side of the road.)

      • lemeow

        Right. I would never take food left on the side of the road. This “freedge” makes me scratch my head.

        • General Grant Circle

          While I do not encourage someone to eat something on the side of the road, I dont think they are a terrible amount of people walking around with syringes filled with some nefarious agent just waiting to tamper some food….and if there are, they could just as easily and much more effectively do it at a grocery store, corner store, on halloween, etc. Sort of an overblown fear

          • MsSunshine

            Actually, the street where this is located does have a healthy amount of nefarious characters walking around with full syringes (or full of what used to be in syringes), if the empties in the tree boxes and yards are any gauge.

      • textdoc

        “[C]ommon sense is what would prevent someone from eating something tampered with” — Sure, if it was _recognizably_ tampered with.

      • bruno

        What’s to prevent someone from tampering with food in any grocery store, for that matter? It’s always a gamble.

  • Sultan of Shaw

    Yikes. I wonder who the targeted market for the “Free’dge'” is?

    • Anonymous

      Freegan dumpster divers

  • Bet

    This is a great idea (assuming this freedge is plugged in and used to donate food). Can I donate food? Specially before going on vacation there always something on my fridge that could be donated before it goes bad.

  • freedge

    Hi everyone,

    The freedge will be a functioning community food-sharing fridge soon! We’re still working on finishing it and will have it running some time this week.

    In response to those are concerned about food safety:
    We have 3 freedges that have been operating safely for over a year in California, Colombia, and Brazil. The food is checked for freshness on a daily basis and any inappropriate items are removed. Food turnover was generally around 0-2 days with an average of 10 items coming and going per day. We see lots of fruits and vegetables, dried pasta and rice, condiments, and canned goods.

    There were comments/concerns regarding tampering, spoilage, babies getting stuck in the fridge, etc. when we put out the first freedge in Davis, CA, but none of these issues have ever been a problem. Response from the community has been positive (with a few exceptions of course), and we’ve had many folks using it including families, students, retired couples, and other community members.

    @Bet nailed it — pre-vacation is one of the best times to donate extra food in the freedge! The idea is to reduce food waste and help everyone share food.

    You can check us out at freedge.org

    • Irving

      I love this idea. Where are you located? We are in Park View as well and would like to participate with donations from time to time.

      • freedge

        We’re at 1006 Quebec Pl NW. The freedge will be up and running this week and your donations will be much appreciated!

    • No matter the appliance, someone is always worried about a baby getting stuck in it. Who are these parents with wild, roaming babies anyway, and why do they never want to take responsibility?!

      • Truxton Thomas


      • NewKidinBloomingdale

        Haha right?! As an engineer that used to work for an appliance manufacturer, this comment was my life for several years. The amount of anti-child-entrapment measures that have to be designed in would lead you to believe that there are entire herds of parent-less wild, roaming babies looking for appliances to crawl into. (That being said, I was very proud to be working for a company that takes product safety seriously.)

      • Gumball


    • Amanda

      Ahhh I’ve seen articles about the other Freedges and was wondering if this was a part of that. This is awesome!

  • Amanda

    Sounds like an awesome idea! Food waste is ridiculous when there are so many hungry people out there.

  • Hill Denizen

    I guess it depends what people put in it, but on the Hill at least you often see dried goods/non-perishables in “free” piles on the sidewalks that I’ve never hesitated to consume. I could see stocking this with water bottles in the summer or other sealed products. Things that have been partially consumed though (which is what I’m most likely to toss from my fridge)….not so sure.

    • Anony

      Bottled water, ya because that is a necessity? Biggest fraud and waste


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