• FYI it’s not ONLY available at Taylor, you can also get it at The Dubliner.

    • Nice – did you try it? Looks freaking amazing.

      • Nope, not available until Thursday! But I will definitely be there post-work demolishing one.

  • Nonna

    Sometimes I think Taylor just needs to cool it! Too much!

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Someone should’ve convinced them of this right after they opened their first location on H Street.

  • Totally getting that before Friday night’s Caps game!

  • CultOfSherry

    The Dubliner/Phoenix Park Hotel itself is actually pretty great btw, as far as being a historic spot with ambiance… was there for the first time for a friend’s wedding in January.

  • ctk

    Got one for lunch. Delicious. Side effects may include drowsiness.


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