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From the Forum – Non-Religious Easter Sunday Events for Adults?

by Prince Of Petworth March 24, 2016 at 2:00 pm 42 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user anne marie hathcock

“I was wondering if anyone knew of any fun Easter-related events for adults – I’m referring more to drink/food specials or special events at breweries, concert venues, beer gardens, etc. than anything religious. Anyone doing anything festive and not kid-oriented? I want to avoid the cherry blossom traffic and crowds.”

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  • bruno

    Easter is a religious holiday…..

    • bruno

      Go to the Easter Vigil at St. Matthew’s Cathedral on RI Avenue. Beautiful! Saturday evening around 8:00 PM 1725 Rhode island Avenue NW. The real meaning of Easter.

      • MR

        Thanks bruno, maybe I’ll see you at the afterparty.

    • Dan

      OP was basically just asking about restaurant specials and outdoor events. “I’m referring more to drink/food specials or special events at breweries, concert venues, beer gardens, etc. than anything religious” Not crazy to think that a restaurant might have an Easter Brunch special

  • Toin

    Um. Isn’t Easter kind of about religion?

    • Anonomnom

      Um. Aren’t there people who can choose not to be religious, but still be curious about fun-themed events on a religious holiday?

      • emvee


      • emvee

        Christmas is, technically, also all about religion, yet no one bats an eye when nonbelievers participate.

        • bruno

          Christmas is actually about religion.

          • emvee

            Right, but no one gets frustrated when nonbelievers participate.

    • anon

      Which religion? Most of the Easter traditions are more about celebrating spring, rather than the resurrection.

  • skj84

    Poste is offering an Adult Easter Egg hunt. There is an Food Truck brunch event at Yards Park. Oh, and its peak Cherry Blossoms this weekend.

  • Linc Park SE

    Navy Yard – Cherry Blossom festival hosting a beer/wine tasting and food truck rally near Nats Park

  • The Parthenon green restaurant in Chevy Chase DC usually does a special suckling pig dinner event that’s pretty nice. I’m sure other places are doing brunch specials?

  • NH Ave Hiker

    It’s supposed to be a beautiful day. Just get out and enjoy nature! I’ll probably be off hiking in the mountains.

  • TM

    Poste is doing an Easter Bourbon Bunny & Adult Egg Hunt… Easter-related but certainly not religious!


    • Anon

      Apparently this event just got canceled…

  • navyard

    Sunday: Here’s a different take on Easter brunch: Head to Taste on Wheels at the Yards, where more than a dozen food trucks will line up to serve a variety of curbside options, while the Capitol Hillbillies, a roots music group from the District, provides the entertainment. Among the trucks expected to participate: Smoking Kow BBQ, Ooh Dat Chicken, Arepa Zone and Red Hook Lobster Pound. Taste on Wheels runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and admission $10, which includes a drink ticket.

  • Hill Denizen

    Asking for a non-religious Easter activity is like asking for a non-religious Passover event. I guess the Easter Egg component isn’t rooted in religion but that’s for kids. There are probably non-Easter events going on around town, other than Cherry Blossom, but I’d be surprised if they were directly Easter related beyond an Easter dinner maybe. It seems kind of uncouth to offer drink specials in the name of the holiest Christian holiday.

    • General Grant Circle

      To be fair – Easter, like Christmas, is just a co-opting of pre-Christian celebrations for the solstices, equinoxes, changing of the seasons, etc. Even the NAME Easter is that of an old Germanic diety
      So all you people claiming that it is a Christian holiday and wanting to do something not-Christian is silly is well…silly. It was a festival day long before a Christian holy day…

    • Charles

      Wouldn’t it also be uncouth, then, to allow children to grow up thinking that the most significant aspect of Easter is the candy and egg hunts and possibly-anthropomorphic rabbits? Easter is largely secularized in this country, and Christians secularized it.

  • marybindc

    I am seriously wondering if the OP works for Poste or Taste on Wheels. This feels like one of those Parade magazine questions: “Q: What’s up with [1970s B-list actor] these days? A: After a long hiatus, s/he has a new [book/movie/tv show] coming out on Tuesday!”

    • TinkerTaylor

      Ok, that really made me laugh

    • Haha! OP here, I definitely wasn’t shilling for anyone, but I think I will be checking out Yards Park on Sunday!

  • TM

    You guys blow my mind sometimes. I’m not sure why I let it get to me, since I read the comments almost daily on this site, and they’re always full of the same attitude… but the OP here was specifically looking for non-religious food/drink event-type things. Why do you feel the need to come on and judge about that request? If you don’t have anything to add in response to that request, don’t say anything! No one’s telling you not to have a religion-filled weekend. Go do it. This person is equally entitled to have a non-religious weekend. Geez.

    • anon

      Because painting eggs and eating pastel candy is only for true believers.

    • bruno

      Perhaps the blogger could have dropped the unfortunate combo of “non-religious Easter Sunday events” from the request. How about, “Good things to do this weekend that don’t involve Easter?” Otherwise, I’m not sure I get it. Do you mean secular Easter-themed events that don’t actually refer to the fact that Easter is a religious holiday? Like a Hollywood/Madison Avenue thing? Easter-animals at The National Zoo? Pastel Balloons on the Mall? A “holiday” egg hunt? (I did here one weatherman refer to this as “the holidays weekend”. That was a first :^)

      • MR

        There are plenty of non-religious Christmas events every year. Asking whether there are any non-religious Easter events also makes perfect sense.

    • MR

      Exactly. People like Bruno and Hill Denizen are the reason I avoid these comments most days. We get it…it’s your “holiest Christian holiday” and you want to celebrate the “real meaning” of Easter. Good for you, but that’s not what the OP was asking about. Not everyone believes what you believe, and this person was asking if there are any fun non-religious events on Sunday. That’s it.

      • I was thinking that there might be some goofy adult Easter egg hunts or other vaguely Easter-themed stuff that might be fun and a little different. And there are, so I’m glad I asked!

        As a non-religious Jew, I don’t really care about the true meaning of Easter (or Passover, for that matter) – just looking to have a good time. True meaning of Christmas doesn’t involve ugly sweater parties either but this is the world we live in!

        • MR

          Right, that’s exactly what I thought you were looking for when I first read your post.

        • bruno

          Some years a man dresses as a rabbit and hands out chocolates near the CVS on 17th Street. That’s kind of fun, if you can find him…. but I do suggest the Easter vigil, noted above, whether you are religious or not. You would like it. Great music and, as it’s a Mass, wine!

          • Anonamom

            I get what you are going for here, but suggesting someone attend a Mass that is significantly longer than normal masses is not a good way to introduce people to the faith. Triduum used to be my favorite time of year, and I love Vigil Mass. But don’t send people who know nothing and moreover care to know nothing and already sound like they are really not into religion, to such an important mass.

          • Curious Non-Catholic

            Isn’t the wine only for those who are taking communion?

          • Anonamom

            Supposed to be! Communion is only meant for those who are in communion with the Church. So baptized Catholics with a clean slate from confession

          • Curious Non-Catholic

            That was my next question, thanks for clarifying. Bruno’s post might give the impression that Communion is open to all.

      • bruno

        Oh, dear, I do not wish to be the bane of your Popville experience. Goodness me, no! I simply do not understand what the OP is looking for…

        • The posters recommending Poste and the thing at Yards Park pretty much nailed it. Definitely not crashing anyone’s mass, don’t worry, haha. Meant no disrespect to the believers, just wanted to specify non-religious in my post so that it would filter the church service recommendations, etc.

        • B

          Actually, Bruno, and I am not trying to attack, but you seem to be trying to be purposefully dense. The question is not tough: Are there any fun things this weekend with an Easter theme — and OP mentions examples — that are not specifically religious. It’s not that hard. And, to give my example, for the OP, JR’s has its Easter bonnet contest every Easter Sunday. Very funny and creative, Easter-themed, and not religious. But, Bruno, feel free to make it religious for yourself, if you need to.

          • bruno

            I’m dusting off my bunny costume. Glad OP found some events that fit the bill.


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