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Drive-by Shooting at 5th and O St, NW in front a School Bus at 4pm

by Prince Of Petworth March 23, 2016 at 8:12 pm 15 Comments


A reader reports:

“Drive by shooting around 4 PM at 5th and O NW. Can neighborhood residents call the 3rd District and request the 24/7 police presence we had last summer. Also call their ANC Reps and request action on this.”

another writes:

“I was walking home from the metro and 5th street is blocked off from N st to O st. Apparently there was a drive by shooting that happened at 4pm today with a school bus behind the shooter. The kids are safe and was picked up by another school bus later. They’re still investigating now.”

  • anon

    Shooting in the middle of the day sandwiched between a park and a school…. things like this confirm pulling our child from this environment was a good decision. Experiencing these things as an elementary school kid (or anyone really) can’t been good.

    • Anonymous

      Childhood PTSD is very real and explains a lot of issues that inner city kids have later in life into adulthood. Brain formation in stressful environments and clouded by fear can have lasting and debilitating effects.

    • stacksp

      Kind of things that inner city kids go through but their parents unfortunately can’t or do not move them out of the environment and they become a product of it.

      • anon

        100% agree. I know it was a privilege that I left. Even crazier is that I made 200k on my property by leaving. The dichotomy is astounding. If the city doesn’t address these issues the city will be full of people that can’t leave, and singles and DINKS before no time.

  • EP

    I absolutely heard this. There were about 7 shots fired in succession – nothing on twitter about it and I kept trying to find confirmation. Was not about to venture outside to find out for myself. Following the shots, there was a barrage of sirens – more so than usual. This is one of many shootings we have had in the Shaw/Truxton Circle neighborhood in the past few weeks. Scary.

  • accendo

    It’s warming up, so MPD will need to hit this area hard again. The earlier the better to get ahead of another year like last year.

    • loganhc

      Absolutely. Last summer there were three homicides between 5th, 7th, N and O. For there to already be a brazen shooting is very troubling.

  • C

    How terrifying for those kids!

  • Eleven

    This was totally supposed to be a reply to an anti-Shaw comment that I swear was here two seconds ago but now isn’t showing up…

  • Shawz

    5th street is an interesting place, with the $1+ million townhouses on the west side of the street and the 2nd northwest cooperative project on the east. I’ve never understood why the houses are so expensive there as I’m often worried to walk at night on 5th st, preferring the (much cheaper) 6th street instead.

    • Truxtoner

      Well from a pure real estate perspective, 5th Street is quiet and one way versus 6th street which is a loud major thoroughfare. Even with the danger, I’d rather live on 5th Street than 6th Street. Let’s face it, 6th is basically wedged between two pretty violent cooperatives.

      At some point, I just keep assuming/hoping that a developer will write a large enough check to buy out these cooperatives and build mixed use buildings and run anyone out with a record. If it can finally happen at Sursum Corda, why not these others? I know that will rile up the opponents of gentrification, but when it comes to broad daylight shootings, I don’t really care any more. I walk down O Street all the time and I’d prefer to feel safe.

      • Anon

        Sursum Corda was taken over by eminent domain, I believe. But yes, I assume that once the Section 8 contract runs out, the developer will build something much more profitable. Matter of time, really.

  • No Bikes

    Ahh, I saw the crime scene tape and was wondering what it was… Worse than I thought.

  • ShawDog

    Such a well-known hot spot and logical place to focus law enforcement. Last year, someone was murdered about 10 feet beyond that exact same point.

  • Former Resident

    This is nothing new for that neighborhood in shaw. 7-N-O has been beefing with 5-N-O since 1987 when the beefing started to use guns. I lived in the area for the first 23 years of my life. Glad I was able to make it out through an education. It is going to be more shootings because this is all they know. At one time the beefing had stopped.


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