Looking for a Dog Walker and “we are seriously considering opening a Doggie Spa/ Daycare for dog owners in the Petworth area”

by Prince Of Petworth March 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm 73 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

Hi. We have been living in Petworth for 10 years and we’re extremely excited about a lot of the positive changes we have seen and continue to see in our community. So much so, we are seriously considering opening a new business – Doggie Spa/ Daycare business for the dog owners in the Petworth area. Services provided at K-9 Condo would include doggie DIY (do-it-yourself) bathing stations, day and overnight quality care while pet owners are at work or away for travel, and dog walking services.

While this seems like a great idea to my partner and I, we were wondering what the broader Petworth Community thinks and whether or not they would embrace and support such a business?

Proud Petworth Resident”

and related:

“Dear PoPville,

I am moving to Petworth at the end of the month and need to find a dog walker! I currently love our dog walker in Adams Morgan and she is so reliable and professional, but yelping for Petworth dog walkers is a bit tough. Not much information is coming up. Our dog is a 70 pound lab, very energetic and needs walks daily M-F as I work full time.

Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!”

  • Cam

    A little bit unrelated, but does anyone know of a pet service for a high energy cat who could benefit from substantial play time while his owner is away at the office? Not a dog walker, but a cat player? Anyone want to start such a business? :)

    • This is what I’m planning for my “encore career”! Too bad I have to keep my day job for another 15-20 years to be able to afford to do this…but yeah, dedicated cat sitters/players are hard to come by. A lot of pet-sitting places treat cats as an aside to the dog-walking; my dream is to open a feline-only companion service. I’ve already got a few Popvillagers I’m going to line up for references :)

      • LittleBluePenguin

        Oh I’m in!

      • Cam

        I may want to do that for my retirement in the same general timeframe. Sounds like fun.

    • textdoc

      Have you thought about getting him a kitty friend? ;)

      • Cam

        A kitty friend is under consideration.

    • wdc

      I sometimes have a preteen neighbor kid come in on days when we’re all out of the house late. She comes straight from school, cleans the litterbox, feeds and waters, and most importantly, plays with him. Then when we get home at 7 or 8, cat-care is done and he’s already chilled out enough that we can focus on kid-care with having to defend ourselves from violently frantic attempts at play.

      • Cam

        Neighbor kid is a good thought. Thanks!

    • Circle Thomas

      We use Sit-A-Pet for our high-energy Maine Coons that require a lot of people time to keep from going crazy. We’ve been really happy with the result–it’s clear they spend a lot of time with the cats each visit, and don’t just feed them, scoop the box and then go.

      • Cam

        Thanks for the suggestion!

      • DCAliKZ

        I second Sit A Pet! They spend a great amount of time with our two kittens and they’ve been nothing but wonderful to us.

    • Not sure where you’re located, but I live in Brookland and use Danny’s Pet Care to watch my cats whenever I go out of town and I HIGHLY recommend him. Reasonable rates and his cat sitters always spend time playing with my cats, and they send pics which I really appreciate.

    • Proud Petworth Resident

      Hi Cam

      I am opening the new pet boarding facility in Petworth and included in my services will be cat sitting. We are in the beginning stages of building out the location and hope to open the new Petworth pet daycare facility in May.

  • Anonymous

    Petworth is like Dog Central. Assuming it was well run and well kept, it’d do a killing. There are few options for doggy day care nearby. Sign me up.

  • Anon

    This is a WONDERFUL idea! We have a 90 lbs German Shepherd and live in upper Petworth/Brightwood. We’ve been living here for close to 4 years and have found it so difficult to find a good dog walker (M-F, mid day 30 min walks) for our pup. We also drive 45 minutes away for boarding services since the current ones in the city are EH. Please doooo it!

    • 20011

      Can I ask where you got your German Shepherd? My husband and I are looking for a GSD!

    • Proud Petworth Resident

      Thanks for your feedback. I am surely moving forward with this idea because I do feel it’s a real need for our community which is full wonderful pet owners. We hipe.to be open for business by end of April beginning of May. I will keep.you posted.

  • sg7

    District Dogs all the way. Reliable, affordable, trustworthy, extraordinarily convenient and also really, really nice people. Their online portal is fantastic–automatic payment and online scheduling/cancellation.


    • Egad

      +1 District Dogs are great people.

    • kc

      +1 for Jacob and crew (Norman is our walker) at District Dogs

      • both the human and dog love District Dogs

        Jacob and Norman rock!

    • Anony

      +1 for District Dogs. Jacob operates a well run and responsive company. Walkers are great and good communicators!

      • sg7

        Yes! You get an email after every walk. It’s kind of awesome.

    • ColHeist

      +100000000000 for District Dogs. They are amazing!

    • anom

      DISTRICT DOGS IS AMAZING. Been using them for a year. Jacob runs a very well run business. Never have had such a good dog walking company before.

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Go for it. You’ll make a killing. Maybe look into partnering with the awesome people at Fido and Kitty’s World on Ga Ave (next to yes)

    otherwise, Brighterdays collective is really good, they walk our two dogs and we’ve never had any issue

    • Leigh

      Thank you! I will look into this- is it the same walker each day with your dogs? I want to make sure we choose someone good since it’s a lot of trust with our fur babie! :)

      • ParkViewneighbor

        We don’t have them walked every day bc we have some flexibility in our work week, however it’s the same person coming twice a week so they know him. There is an intro meeting so the guys at BDC can assess the dogs.

  • Anon

    My friend runs a dog walking company that takes clients in Petworth. He’s great with dogs and very reliable:

  • Leigh

    I think this would be great idea! Definitely would take my dog here and love supporting local businesses.

    • Proud Petworth Resident

      Thanks for your feedback. I am surely moving forward with this idea because I do feel it’s a real need for our community which is full wonderful pet owners. We hipe.to be open for business by end of April beginning of May. I will keep.you posted.

  • Teodora

    Id love a dog boarding and wash station in Petworth.

    I have been using UnderDogs Pet Care and have found them affordable and trustworthy. I have a Bostom Terrier who gets a very short mid-day walk M-F. I have also ocassonally needed extra services and my neets have always been met by UnderDogs Pet Care

    • Anonymous

      Underdogs has been great for us as well.

      • Jacqueline

        +1 for underdogs! We love Greg and the team!! They are consistent, affordable, and our dogs love them.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I would be interested, as long as it’s a legit operation, and not some sort of doggie “rub and tug” shop.

  • I would likely use daycare from time to time, mostly for an occasional work from home day .
    I would absolutely use self serve dog washes. As long as they’re not too high for my terrified of jumping 80 pound rottweiler mix.
    I use Dogvacay to board my dog. Unless your rates are competitive I would probably stick with that.
    Currently I use Wagamuffin to walk my dog and have been quite happy with it.

    • Amber

      If you can get there, the Petco Unleashed in NoMa (1st street) has a low tub which is great for my 130# rottie mix, it’s basically just a step up for her. Last time I was there that tub was out of order, but there was a small stepping stool to get her into a taller tub. It was not ideal for getting her in and out, but do-able, and she’s also convinced she can’t jump. (Getting in and out of the car is fun.)

      • Wow, 130lbs??? We went to the Silver Spring Unleashed, which I’m going to guess is very similar. It’s like one step and I still had to yank him into it by the harness after bribery failed. And that’s with the step stool!
        He’s super weird about getting on things. Except for the car. He loves the car. He jumps like a crazy puppy into the car like it’s the best thing ever. He once tried to get in the trunk, he was so out of his mind over the idea of a car ride. He didn’t make it, he has no hops.

  • textdoc

    I don’t have a dog, but I think I’ve heard good things about the Brighter Days Collective, which in Park View just over the border from Petworth.

  • Big shout out for Brighter Days Collective- Andy does the Southern Petworth loop and he is a dog whisperer and all around cool dude. My dog, who is leash aggressive and an overall pain, walks without issue alongside Andy and the neighborhood fluff balls.

  • PetworthMom

    Along these lines: Anyone have a recommendation for a Petworth/close to Petworth groomer?

    Our two dachshunds are in desperate need of a hair cut.

  • ParkViewRes

    I didn’t have a great experience with Brigher Days but have been very happy with Puppy Love – I use them for mid-day walks M-F and dogsitting as needed. http://www.puppylovepetsitters.com/

    • textdoc

      Wait — are you a new ParkViewRes? Not the Formerly ParkViewRes who moved to Canada?

      • womp


  • timmyp2353

    Count me in as long as it’s priced decently.

  • mfldc

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE someone open a doggy day care/boarding/spa in Petworth. There is a dearth of choices in the area and the need is great. I had been a loyal user of Planet Pet for many years, but in November they closed their doors (with no warning, and no repayment for those of us who had paid for day care hours!!). They had thought about coming to Petworth but ultimately did not. There will certainly be demand for the services and essentially a built-in clientele that is only going to grow as Petworth, 16th Street Heights, Brightwood and near-by neighborhoods continue to growth in real estate sales. So, please, make the plunge, and I will be among the first to sign up!

    • Proud Petworth Resident

      Thanks for your feedback. I am surely moving forward with this idea because I do feel it’s a real need for our community which is full wonderful pet owners; also with very competitive prices. We hope to be open for business by end of April beginning of May. I will keep you posted.

  • Juno Griffin

    Wagamuffin Pet Care is awesome. I spent way more time researching dog walkers than I did wedding venues and ended up going with Wagamuffin (FYI my wedding was at Chez Billy and that was awesome too). Wagamuffin has online scheduling, competitive rates and I love having a note about what my pup *does* on her walk. As far as doggy daycare in Petworth, the single option available has less than stellar facilities and lackluster customer service, but my dog is always excited to go and comes home tuckered out. I would never board here at this spot, and that being said, I would love to have another option for daycare and boarding. On the rare occasions we go out of town we take our dog to a place 25 min away, so another option close by would be great.

  • Teddy

    If you can make it anything like K9 Divine, you would be great. For daycare and boarding, the most important thing for me would be that my dog has a lot of room to run around. K9 Divine has acres and acres of outdoor space for the dog to run. They are also big enough that I never need to worry about capacity (except around big holidays) and they have invested in a well run trustworthy business. Any daycare/boarding service in the district is restricted by physical space. The downside of K9 Divine is 1) their prices are getting ever higher and 2) the dogs have to spend up to an hour in the van each way because of the distance from the city. If you can beat K9 divine on both of either of those 2 things, you have my business.

  • anonymous

    I think it would be a great idea! I’d love to have a doggy daycare in the neighborhood with a separate space for small dogs to interact with each other.

    • Proud Petworth Resident

      Thanks for your feedback. I am surely moving forward with this idea because I do feel it’s a real need for our community which is full wonderful pet owners. By the way the doggie spa will have an space for both large and small dogs to play. We hope to be open for business by end of April beginning of May. I will keep you posted.

  • AngelaGirken

    I would love a business like this in the area. If you can manage it, please consider a location that would service the Brightwood area, too.

  • Xochipilli the Anonymous

    I think you might have the best business plan idea for Petworth. I imagine that this could be crazily successful.

  • Petworth Diva

    Yes, I’d love such a doggie service in Petworth near me. Meanwhile, no one mentioned Little Rascals, whose drop off & pick up hours just don’t work for me plus unfriendly staff have made me avoid the place except as a last resort. In addition, my very friendly but perhaps over-eager dog had her collar chewed up there with the unpleasant manager saying something to the effect that “stuff like that hsppens”.
    So yeah, a new doggie day care place, after the unfortunate demise of Planet Pet would be great.

    • textdoc

      “no one mentioned Little Rascals” — Possibly also because it’s in Brightwood? ;)

      • Petworth Diva

        True but close enough for Petworth residents to use it & Planet Pet isn’t in Petworth either.

  • The Other Jason

    Patrick’s Pet Care out of Columbia Heights. Great company, prices, dog walking services and currently “at your home” dog sitting services. I saw signs on the building next to El Chucho on 11th so he might be opening an actual shop. It’s not quite Petworth, but pretty close.

    • EH

      We use Patrick’s Pet Care for dog walking in Petworth. We have them come right before lunch every day to take out our two Jacks. They do a great job!

  • Anon

    We live in Petworth and use Deyanira Brown for cat-sitting. She also does dog walking/sitting and is terrific!


  • StrollerDaddy

    How about opening a deli or an ice cream shop that is family friendly?

  • 20011

    My husband and I really want a German Shepherd but one of the hesitations is finding reliable doggie daycare, dog walkers, etc. Please please do this!

    • NH Ave Hiker

      I have a very high energy dog and she does fine alone all day. I just run with her three times a week and a walk on off nights (plus hikes in the mountains every couple weekends). Varies from dog to dog though

      • 20011

        That is great to know and very reassuring. Thanks NH Ave Hiker!

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Daycare/spa would be great in the neighborhood. I agree that Dog Vacay is becoming the method of choice for boarding though.

  • Bbcardus

    Hey guys,

    Bryan here, I own a small outfit that covers this area. We specialize in running with dogs and are aptly named DC Dog Runner.

    Most of our families run two to three times a week and just inject a little extra exercise into your dogs day!

    We’re happy to help!



    • Leigh

      Bryan – I love running with my dog Max! I will look into your company – what a cool idea!

      • Bbcardus

        Thanks Leigh!

        The first one is always free so we can check temperament and fitness, and answer questions.

        We’re always looking for good runners too! Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Melissa

    Annie at Pupperscruff took amazing care of my difficult dogs until I left the area. I would highly recommend her as a dog walker.

  • I have been working at cage-free dog facilities for over 15 years. A lot of people think opening one will be fun, yay… play with puppies; however they forget about the business and liability end of things. I feel as though the biggest hurtle you will find in the in the Petworth area is zoning as Petworth is primarily a residential area with some mixed commercial. The zoning required for overnight animal care is commercial and even then requires ANC approval etc. that being said- daycare services, I recommend K9 Divine (no, I don’t work there… but I know the staff and the facility is awesome) and for walking services I would recommend Pawticular Charm.

  • Piper’s Mom

    I highly recommend both Wagamuffin and K9 Divine. My high energy pup loves them both. I don’t in Petworth but would LOVE to see self-service dog wash close by. I believe 14th St is the closest one right now and it is a pain to park. A self-service dog wash within the Rock Creek vicinity would be amazing.

  • christanyc

    My friends and I use Brighter Days as our dog walkers. Benji walks our dogs most of the time and we love him!

  • Stacey

    I think it’s a great idea. I would love a dog spa in the neighborhood. I love Doggie Washerette but they’re not open on Sundays.

  • Quincy-Street-Neighbor

    YES YES YES to ALL services, especially the DIY dog washing stations! Our golden retriever loves to get down and dirty and it’s such a haul to take him to the Fur-Get-Me-Not dog wash in Adams Morgan. Parking difficulties there make it a total chore.


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