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Ed. Note: This is the location of the former Knickerbocker Theatre – if you’ve never seen the video below – it’s chilling:

“Dear PoPville,

Thought you might want to cover this – could be a huge change to a central part of the neighborhood.

Below is from ANC commissioner Billy Simpson on the Adams Morgan list serv:


As some of you may have already heard, PN Hoffman has submitted plans to ANC1C for the proposed re-development of the lot where the SunTrust building and plaza currently sit at the corner of Columbia Road NW and 18th Street NW. The plans that were provided to ANC1C show a substantial building that almost completely eliminates the plaza. The plans are now posted on ANC1C’s website.

Although the plaza is largely located on private property, the various owners of the property have, for many decades, worked with the community to leave the plaza available for community use. Our weekly farmers market is located there, it has often been used for events such as Adams Morgan Day, and more generally, the open space helps to create the sense of “town square” that exists in the geographic center of Adams Morgan. To many of us, losing the plaza would be an unacceptable outcome of development on the site.

To PN Hoffman’s credit, upon hearing strong negative reactions to the plan, they have agreed to cancel coming to ANC1C’s Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee in March while they assess alternatives. They have indicated that they will connect with Commissioners later in March. So for now, we will wait to see what we hear back. At that point, I will provide a further update on the Listserv.

Billy Simpson


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