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  • Philippe Lecheval

    I sure hope so, because I don’t know where I’m gonna go when I suddenly need to steel Shakira’s fingerprints.

  • Los

    I have to confess that the thought of a late night stroll with my trusty crowbar to purloin these has crossed my mind in more than one occasion

    I would suggest a charity auction, these are real, I knew a few people would be more than willing to pay top dollar for these

  • timmyp

    What about Trump’s hand prints second from the top? Perhaps they can ship it to Mexico as a PBS type gift for funding this wall of his in the future.

  • Johnny

    So is this strip getting razed or not? are they preserving the facades? any building renderings?

    • anonymous

      It’s being razed. The sidewalk is blocked off already. Haven’t seen renderings.

    • Chris

      good question. I’m interested in knowing the answers to your questions too. I know the old church across from this strip is being developed into a hotel.

  • MOU

    I can’t find the approved design, but they signed an MOU with the ANC that they would preserve the facades of the current buildings: http://anc1c.org/index.php/library/category/140-1776-1777-columbia-road-nw

  • Pho 14?

    So, I guess Pho 14 will be closing soon. Anyone know if they will relocate?

    • MM

      Not closing, says earlier PoP posting. Pho 14 and Burger King slated to remain open


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