• Philippe Lecheval

    I hope the new and improved version is much nicer. That place was so mediocre that most people just went next door to Brookville Market.

    • anon

      Hardly. Though I suppose it depends what you eat. If you like organic and healthy food, Yes is so much better. I hate having to go to Brookville. I miss them and can’t wait for them to reopen.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        I guess so, but unlike some of the other, larger Yes markets, this one was pretty narrow in its scope, sticking almost exclusively to health foods. Guess I was hoping it would be more like Whole Foods, where you can get more than quinoa and kale.

  • ClePark

    I’ve just gotten used to not having it anymore, and now make the trip over to the awesome Yes on 14th Street. Adams Morgan is closer, but you have to try your best not to knock everything off the shelves when trying to maneuver in that one.


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